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Read the Article to Understand How to Choose A Shower

Posted on November 02 2022

Types of Shower

1、Handheld shower

Hand-held shower is the most common and universal shower. This kind of shower is easy to use and the price is quite cost-effective.

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2、Spray shower

The top shower can realize various water outlet modes such as rain and water mist, so that users can feel the most direct touch of water flow as if they were in nature.

3、Side shower

The side shower has a large auxiliary property, which mainly realizes the massage function. It is sold as part of more concealed shower systems or shower sets.

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The water way of the shower

1、Natural water

It is the water sprayed in the most natural way, without any treatment. Spraying from the silica gel hole of the shower is the most common way to get out of the water.

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2、Carbonated Water

There is an air groove in the internal water channel of the shower, and the high-speed water flow drives the air flow to mix to form a water column, which turns the original sprayed water into dripping water. The water bubbles are full and soft, and after the water rushes through the body, the small bubbles remaining in the body constantly burst, bringing bursts of coolness. This kind of air injection technology was first put forward by Hans Geya, and now many manufacturers have produced this kind of shower.

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3、Massage water

Massage water concentrates the water flow into the massage water hole, and there is a rotatable rotor in the massage hole. Under the impact of the water flow, the rotor is driven to rotate at a high speed inside the shower, and pulse water is produced by cutting off part of the water flow with frequency.

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4、Spray water

Spray water is because the spray holes on the panel are specially designed, and the water will be sprayed out in mist after passing through. The mist water has a large area, and being in the mist can give the shower a different experience.

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5、Waterfall water

It is more common in the top spray shower. The principle is to change the outlet hole into a strip, and the water is ejected from the original fine hole into a strip.

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6、Mixing Water

Some shower heads can not only switch among various water outlet modes, but also discharge water in two or more modes at the same time. For example, natural water combined with bubble water is the most common mixed water outlet mode.

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The quality of the shower

There is no need to make a water test when purchasing a shower. You can just see and touch it. The inspection places are mainly silica gel particles, joints and electroplating.

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1、Silica gel Particles

Pay special attention to the water hole when buying a hand-held shower. The quality of the outlet determines whether the water column ejected from the shower is balanced or not. The water outlet of shower nozzle is generally made of silica gel, and the high-quality water outlet is neat, smooth and high in softness. This kind of silica gel particles can not only ensure the quality of the water outlet, but also clean and needs no care.


The joint of the shower is the place that best reflects the "artisan spirit". Good joints should be tight and the gap should be small, so as to effectively prevent water leakage and ensure product quality.


The quality of electroplating surface is the standard to measure the durability of a shower. A good electroplating surface is smooth, without fine marks, and there will be no concave-convex feeling to the touch. When purchasing, you can carefully check the shower under the light. If scratches or uneven places are found, the service life of the shower will be greatly reduced.

Shower Purchasing Skills

1、See the water effect

When you choose, you can see whether the water sprayed from the shower is delicate and balanced by adjusting the on-off valve and rotating the nozzle.

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2、Look at the spray mode

There are many ways to spray the shower, such as laser, massage, mist spray, etc. You can choose according to your actual needs.

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3、Look at the surface coating

The best coating condition is that it can withstand all kinds of corrosion tests and wear resistance tests, etc. You can look at its glossiness and smoothness when choosing a shower head.

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4、Watch the shower valve core

High-quality shower head will adopt ceramic valve core, which can regulate the water temperature more smoothly and accurately, make the water flow smoother, make the water safer and have a long service life.

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Choose The Shower that Suits You.

There are all kinds of sprinklers in the market, and the prices are also different. How should consumers choose the one that suits them?

1、Hand-held shower can meet basic needs

For ordinary families, a hand-held shower can meet the basic needs in the shower. There are two points to pay attention to when buying a hand-held shower. The first is to choose a fixed seat with adjustable angle, so that it can be adjusted to an appropriate height when showering; Secondly, it is equipped with a lifting rod, so that different people in the family can adjust the height of the shower with them.

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2、Shower suit saves trouble and worry

If you are not satisfied with holding a shower, you can consider buying a shower set.

3、Entertainment shower brings comfortable shower experience

If there is a demand for entertainment, consider the shower with video playback, music playback, LED lights and other functions.

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4、Dark shower is a luxury choice

If you want to experience the unusual shower effect, consider buying a concealed shower system. Generally, this kind of shower has a variety of ways to get out of the water, including natural water, bubble water and spray water. Some of the larger overhead showers have waterfall water, and some even offer multiple side spray showers to massage the whole body.

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