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Selection of plumbing hardware accessories such as faucets, hoses, angle valves, etc.

Posted on June 20 2023

Most faucet materials are divided into stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper. Among them, the main body made of red punched copper is the best material. When choosing a faucet, you should pay critical attention to its appearance, and there are no burrs when you touch it. The surface coating of the faucet is galvanized, titanium-plated, spray-painted, etc. The thicker the coating is better, you can use your eyes to see whether the surface of the coating is bright or not. A good faucet has a thicker coating, which is not easy to fall off and oxidize.

Gently turn the faucet handle, whether it is easy to be active, there is no sense of stagnation. It is better to look at the faucet switch without a gap, tension unimpeded, and non-slipping faucet. The gap of poor quality is large, and the sense of obstruction is large.

Knock the main body of the faucet, whether the sound is dull, and carefully look at the faucet interface, whether it is copper body, if the percussion sound is loud, it is not stainless steel, of course, it is worse. Then look at the various parts of the faucet, mainly to see whether the parts assembly is precise. The valve body and handle of a good faucet are all refined with brass, and the weight is heavy and dignified.

Check the various parts of the faucet to see whether the assembly can be precise without loosening. Usually single-handle faucets are accompanied by assembly size drawings and explanatory books at the factory. Before assembly and utilization, the commodity packaging inspection certificate should be opened, so as not to be "three no" products. If it is imported goods should pay more attention.

In addition, it should be checked whether the accessories can be intact, usually the accessories should be equipped with: (1) a full set of solid bolts and solid copper sheet and gasket; (2) Full set of lifting water remover; (3) Two water inlet pipes. (4) Two triangle valves, in the selection of hoses and triangle valves must pay attention to the choice of good quality, quality assurance, do not underestimate these small accessories, accessories selection is not good will often affect the overall service life. It is recommended to choose the hose and triangle valve produced by Nanan YOROOW Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.

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