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Shower Knowledge (1)

Posted on November 09 2022

About the shower system

Showers are safer and more hygienic than sitz baths, so every household should have at least one shower room. Today's focus is on the shower. Although the shower is the core of the shower system, it is not the whole. The entire shower system, including shower head, down-flow faucet, shower rod (shower bracket), hose and other accessories.

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About the material and technology of the hardware in the shower system

  1. The material of the hardware

When purchasing shower equipment, the material and craftsmanship of hardware are particularly important.

At present, there are two common faucet materials: copper brass and stainless steel. Why is brass material recommended?

Copper is more corrosion-resistant and durable, and the bacteriostatic properties of natural pure copper are unmatched by other lead-copper alloys, including stainless steel 304. A pure copper shower does not mean that all parts are made of pure copper. At present, only the faucet and handle of the shower on the market are basically made of copper, and other parts are made of stainless steel or ABS plastic.

▲The more expensive showers will indicate that the main body is made of pure copper. (The main body has been marked in yellow)

Copper is divided into 52, 55, 59 and 62 copper according to composition. Our national bathroom products implement the national standard GB18145-2014. The national standard copper is 59% copper, 1% lead and the rest is zinc and other impurities, that is, 59 copper.

▲You can try to tap the main part, the sound from the copper material is melodious and crisp.

▲If the budget is sufficient, copper material is recommended for top spray and handheld, which is more expensive, shows high quality and has a long life. However, the mainstream on the market is still 304 stainless steel or ABS plastic.
2. Surface treatment

At present, the surface of the shower head mostly adopts the chrome plating process. After polishing, it is not easy to hang dirt and scale.

The pure copper shower head will use electroplating to improve the surface smoothness. There are at least three layers of copper plating on the bottom layer, nickel plating in the middle, and chrome plating on the surface, and it should be left in the salt spray test for 24 hours. If the surface corroded area is less than 0.1% It is considered qualified and reaches the level 9 standard. The more high-end products, the longer the salt spray test will take, and the higher the corresponding rating.

  1. Faucet Valve Core
    The valve core is recommended to be made of ceramic, which is wear-resistant and smooth, and will not drip.

The ceramic valve core is very lubricated when it is switched on and off, and there is no sense of blockage. The overall interface has no gaps and is not easy to be damaged.

Now the most heard thermostatic shower core on the market is the valve core. The reason why the thermostatic shower is constant temperature is because there is a temperature sensing element in the valve core of the faucet, like German products, wax-sensitive materials are usually used inside the valve core.

The above is some preliminary knowledge about showers. In the next issue, we will learn about the types of showers and the way the showers come out.

The above is some preliminary knowledge about showers. In the next issue, we will learn about the types of showers and the way the showers come out.

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