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Shower Knowledge (2)

Posted on November 09 2022

The content of the last issue we understand the composition of the shower system, as well as the hardware material, with this basis, next we will understand the knowledge about the shower in detail. First of all, let's understand the type of shower and the way of water.

About the type of shower

There are many types of showers, from simple hand showers, to shower columns, and shower screens that can spray water from multiple places.

Common showers can be divided into hand-held, top-spray and side-spray.

▼The hand-held shower can be held in the hand to rinse the shower, or it can be fixed on the stand.

▼The top spray type shower head cannot be taken out freely, but there is a movable water spray ball on the head of the shower head, and the angle of the water can be adjusted through the ball.

I asked the surrounding friends, if there is only one type of shower, the girls think that the hand-held shower is essential, while the brothers prefer the top spray.

At present, most families will choose to install a shower combination (handheld + top spray).

▲There is also a side spray type, which is to bury the shower head in the wall, and the water is sprayed from the side during the shower. Because it can be installed at multiple angles, it mainly plays the role of cleaning and massage.

About the water outlet method of the shower

The function of the shower varies according to the different water outlet methods, so it directly affects the comfort of the shower.

The more common water outlet function modes are: general type, massage type, turbo type, strong beam type, gentle type, and more advanced ones include rain type, hybrid type, and rhythm type.

▼The general type is the most basic required shower water flow, which is suitable for a simple and quick shower.

▼Massage type, refers to the strong and powerful spray, intermittent pouring, can stimulate every acupuncture point of the body. It is helpful to relieve stress. Many office workers like this water outlet mode.

▼ Turbine type, the water flow is concentrated into a water column, which makes the skin feel slightly numb and itchy. This bathing method can stimulate and clear the mind well.

▼Strong beam type, the water flows out of the water strongly, and can produce a fog-like effect through the collision between the water currents. Many girls like the water outlet mode of this atomization effect.

▼ Gentle type, the water is relatively slow.

The above is the content shared today, I hope it can help you.

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