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Shower Knowledge (4)

Posted on November 10 2022

Welcome to YOROOW Sanitary Ware class again.Today we will learn about the air injection technology and pressurization function of the shower.

About Air Injection Technology

Air injection and pressurized showers are two different things. If some cheap "showerheads" on the Internet claim to be "air injection" technology, they must be fake. Most of them use the method of reducing the size of the water outlet. We are the ones who suffer.

The principle of air injection is to set air grooves in the internal water channel of the shower head, and the high-speed flowing water turns into dripping water, forming bubble water, expanding the contact between the water droplets and the body, making the body feel softer, and the small bubbles remaining in the body continue to burst. , brings bursts of coolness.

Hansgrohe's first air injection technology injects a large amount of air into the water and mixes the inflowing water with the air. Three liters of air is mixed with one liter of water, making the water flow softer and saving water.

About the booster function of the shower

Many people confuse air injection technology with air boosting. There is a difference between the two. The former enhances comfort in the shower through patented technology. The latter: the principle of the pressurized shower is that the shower is pressurized before the hot and cold water enters the mixing valve, so that the water temperature and water pressure and the water output of the shower are stabilized to the greatest extent, and the phenomenon of hot and cold will not appear. , but also to save water.

Most of the showers that claim to have their own pressurization function within 100 yuan just reduce the diameter of the water outlet. This kind of water spray is uncomfortable on the body, and even a little tingling.

It is recommended that the water pressure in the home is stable, and this function can be ignored. However, for high-rise households who do not have secondary water supply and fail to install a booster pump during decoration, there is really no handling, and there is indeed a need to buy a booster shower.

The above is the content shared today, I hope it can help you.

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