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Shower Knowledge (5)

Posted on November 11 2022

Welcome to YOROOW Sanitary Ware class again.Today we will learn about the installation height of the shower and other accessories

About the installation height of the shower

Before talking about the installation height, let's take a look at how the shower is installed. One is the common exposed type, and the other is the concealed type. Concealed for minimalist homes. In fact, when I was renovating the house, I had considered a concealed shower, because the water pipe was buried in the wall, which would be troublesome if repairs were required.

▲Exposed shower head

The surface-mounted shower flower wine is generally defined by the water surface of the shower, and the height from the top to the ground is preferably 200cm, but in the actual installation, it should be adjusted according to the actual height of the user. The height of the top spray is generally suitable for the fingertips to touch when people raise their arms. Do not install the height too low to prevent waving your arms and bruising your fingers during the shower.

▲Concealed shower head

The main body of the concealed shower is buried in the wall. The top of the flower wine exposed from the wall should be sprayed about 200cm away from the ground. The installation height of the hand-held fixed wall seat is generally 150cm, and the distance between the shower control switch panel and the ground should be controlled at 100cm. Appropriate.

About other accessories in the shower system

▲Shower rod: 304 stainless steel is the most popular material on the market. You can also buy pure copper. It has strong durability, but it is expensive. The material can be a choice, but the shower rod must be rotatable with lifting function. Especially for the elderly and children, it is very convenient.

▲Hose: It is recommended to rotate the PVC explosion-proof pipe. At present, there are more stainless steel corrugated pipes and PVC pipes on the market. Stainless steel bellows have good verticality, but their service life is relatively short. PVC explosion-proof pipe feels rigid, but durable. No matter what kind of material it is, remember to choose anti-knotting. Remember to use a copper interface for the connection between the hose and the lower faucet.

▲ Shelf: If the shower room is relatively small, and there are no niches, window sills, etc., then you can bring a shelf when purchasing a shower rod. There is a place to put toiletries, you can ignore it. This depends on personal habits.
▲Spray gun: Does the shower room need a spray gun? The spray gun can replace the hand shower to clean the corners of the shower room and toilet, providing convenience for cleaning. But many families like simplicity and don't even need an overhead shower, and they probably won't buy an extra spray gun.

The choice of shower should not only look at appearance and style, but also on hardware material, practicability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Decoration is really a chore, and the shower head in a small shower room can toss so many tricks. Of course, the shower is related to the quality of bathing, and bathing is one of the best ways to relieve fatigue and relax, and it is indeed worth doing your homework.

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