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Shower Set Buying Tips!

Posted on October 12 2022

What are the tips for choosing a water heater shower? YOROOW Sanitary Ware to answer your questions.

  1. Look at the surface

From the appearance point of view, the better the shower surface is treated, the smoother and brighter it is, which means that the coating is uniform, the craftsmanship is good, and the quality is good. Poor quality - Some showers may look a little thin from the surface, have poor aesthetics, have incomplete interface treatments, sometimes chipped, and even broken in severe cases.

  1. Look at the weight

Showers are mainly divided into copper and stainless steel. Pure copper casting, heavier to carry, stainless steel lighter. In the production materials of high-quality showers, metal materials are selected, so the weight is generally heavier. The shower has clear requirements on the length, width and height of the main body, with reasonable proportions and durability. Some inferior materials tend to simplify the material in production, so that the ratio of length, width and height is obviously unbalanced, and the use time is relatively short.

   3. Dark

Judge the material by tapping the main stem of the shower and the faucet. The whole cast bronze shower, the percussion is dull; the sound is usually made of stainless steel or other materials. Poor coating, white color, low hardness, easy to scratch. You can also test it with your hand or air when you buy it. The quality of the faucet coating is relatively good when the air disappears faster.

  1. Look at the valve core design

When choosing, you can pull the switch and feel comfortable, the smoothness is a ceramic valve core, and the rubber switch is more important and harder to pull. Its quality is related to the service life of the shower, so you must pay attention to the choice of valve core when purchasing. At present, high-quality showers generally use 263-level water-dividing spools, which are easy to use, have good water spray rate, long use time, and do not harm the human body.

  1. Look down the drain pipe

The bathroom hardware brand reminds that the design and material selection of the water pipe is also very important for the shower. High quality with thickened design without cutting corners. The design is generally more beautiful, and the diameter of the pipe is mostly about 28mm.

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