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Showers Are Clean and Have Doorways

Posted on November 02 2022

Cleaning Water Inlet

When water is discharged for a long time, it is difficult for some granular objects in the water inlet pipe or tap water to come out of the water outlet, so it is easy to block the water outlet. Remove the shower nozzle, gently shake the water inlet downward, and pour out the sundries inside. Pay attention to keep the accessories when disassembling the nozzle.

Cleaning Nozzle

Soak in white vinegar, pour white vinegar and water according to the ratio of one to one, then put the shower head in the mixed water and soak for about 2 hours. This method is quite effective. White vinegar has a good stain removing effect.

Clean, take the shower head apart to clean. The disassembly method of shower head should be determined according to the material of shower head. Plastic shower heads can be unscrewed directly by hand, of course, it takes a lot of strength. After unscrewing, carefully clean its filter screen and water outlet. Clean it up and then put it on. If it's a metal shower head, you can't twist it by hand when disassembling it. You need to use related tools to disassemble it. After unpacking, you should also carefully clean each outlet hole.

Precautions for Cleaning Shower

  1. Do not use strong acid when removing scale, so as not to cause corrosion to the shower surface.
  2. Do not wipe the shower surface with hard objects such as steel balls, so as not to scratch the faucet surface.
  3. Please don't dismantle it by force.

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