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Sources of Lead in Faucets and Water Recommendations

Posted on November 23 2022

The origin of lead

The first one is the arbitrary discharge of industrial pollutants and wastewater (mainly: iron, mining, chemical, printing and dyeing industries) and the extensive application of pesticides and insecticides in agricultural production, resulting in serious pollution of water bodies.

The second and most important reason is the release of lead caused by the corrosion of the township water supply pipe network, which is also the main reason why lead in drinking water is harmful to human health.

Most of the tap water pipes currently used in my country are lead-containing metal pipes, because tap water uses chlorine as a disinfectant, and residual chlorine in the water accelerates the corrosion and aging of lead-containing water pipes. The amount of release will increase a lot, and the concentration of lead in tap water will also increase.

The third reason is that poor-quality faucets and various substandard pipes for household use can separate lead. This is easily overlooked by people.

Therefore, even if the tap water reaches the national standard when it leaves the factory, the lead content in the water may exceed this standard when it reaches the user's tap after a long water delivery network.

  1. When the tap water has been out of service for more than 6 hours, be sure to turn on the tap and rinse for two to three minutes before use, because the lead content in the water in the pipeline is very high at this time.
  2. Many families now have hot water supply, but it is best not to use it as drinking water or cooking, because the lead content in hot water is many times higher than that in cold water.
  3. It is necessary to use qualified lead-free faucets. Try to choose high-quality and qualified pipes for home decoration.
  4. Families with conditions should choose to install a household water purifier (reverse osmosis technology). Its multi-stage filtration function can effectively remove lead and ensure the safety of your drinking water.

Lead is trace in drinking water. However, if you drink lead-containing water for a long time, lead will accumulate in the human body and be difficult to excrete, which will cause serious damage to health.