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The definition and function of the faucet

Posted on July 31 2023

The faucet is a popular appellation for a water nozzle, which is used to control the size switch of the water flow and has the effect of saving water.The replacement speed of the faucet is very fast. From the old-fashioned cast iron technology to the electroplating knob type, and then to the stainless steel single-temperature single-control faucet, now many families use stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control faucets, and there are semi-automatic kitchen faucets.Now, more and more consumers are choosing faucets, and they will comprehensively consider materials, functions, shapes and other aspects.

The faucet first appeared in the 16th century and was cast in bronze. Its main function is to control the water outlet switch of the water pipe and the size of the water flow. The early faucets were of the spiral type, and most of the faucets on the market are ceramic spool faucets, and the spiral type has basically been eliminated.

(1) [Stopcock]: A cock that cuts off or regulates the flow of water [through a pipe]

(2) [Swivel]: A swivel joint placed between the mud pump hose and the rotary drill pipe

(3) [Faucet; Bibcock;Water tap]: A faucet that controls the switch with a lever and an eccentric

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