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The faucet is blocked, water leakage solution

Posted on November 22 2022

Tools: Adjustable wrench, Phillips screwdriver, hex wrench, rubber gloves, spool, white vinegar.
If you fix it yourself, the first thing you do is turn off the water supply. The water supply can be turned off by simply turning off a corner valve near the faucet, but if not every faucet in the house is equipped with a corner valve, it is necessary to turn off the main water supply switch to turn off all the water supply.
And then we have to find the cause, the cure
Faucet water bifurcated or low volume

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Possible cause: The bubbler is clogged with dirt such as scale or debris scale.
Solution: Remove the bubbler and clean the bubbler. If there is too much scale accumulation and water can not be cleaned, it can be soaked in white vinegar before cleaning.
The connection between the main body and the outlet arm is leaking
Cause: O-ring missing, O-ring damage, O-ring foreign body
Treatment method:
1. Press the positioning pin to pull out the water outlet arm
2. Replace the O-ring
3. Unscrew the connector of the Allen wrench
4. Replace the O-ring
5. Install the connector and the water outlet arm
The faucet handle is leaking
The faucet handle is leaking, there are the following reasons: pressure mother is not securely installed, valve core damage, valve core sealing ring problem
The faucet outlet leaks for the following reasons: The spool is faulty
Handle water leakage treatment method:
1. The pressing mother is not securely installed:
Remove the handle, remove the female cover, and use a wrench to lock the female clockwise.
2. Spool damage:
Take off the handle, then take off the female cover, then use a wrench to take off the female press, finally take out the spool and replace it, and then install the female press.
3. Spool seal ring problem;
Remove the spool and check whether the sealing ring at the bottom of the spool exists, is damaged, and is clamped with impurities; If there is no sealing ring, install the sealing ring. If damaged, replace the sealing ring.