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The faucet is broken on the wall and it can be done in 2 minutes without asking someone to fix it

Posted on October 28 2022

Nowadays, it is fashionable to use hidden pipes, concealed pipes, and not exposed on the bright side. It seems that the surface of the house is beautiful and beautiful, and there are not so many pipes, but there are also disadvantages, that is, once a problem occurs, maintenance is difficult. The faucet broken in the wall may have happened to many families. The faucet pipe fittings have been used for a long time. Under the impact corrosion of the water flow, corrosion and fracture are likely to occur, especially at the threaded interface. An experienced friend, only use Done in a few minutes. See how he does it.


Prepare a drill bit, an Allen wrench, and an adjustable wrench. The purpose is to play a fixed role. If there is no Allen wrench, you can also use a screwdriver instead. Usually, the screwdriver is not as good as the hex wrench. Function, not easy to slip.


  1. Put the drill bit and the Allen wrench together into the wall nozzle after the faucet is broken. You can use a hammer or other tools to tap the drill bit and the Allen wrench to fix it, so that they can be squeezed together for closer contact. The wall of the tube is not easy to loosen.
  2. Use the adjustable wrench to lock the drill bit and the hexagon wrench, turn the adjustable wrench counterclockwise, and with the help of the friction force of the drill bit and the hexagon, slowly unscrew it along the thread direction of the faucet, and the broken wire will be brought out.

Note: The direction of rotation of the wrench is to rotate in the left-hand direction, that is, the direction of loosening, otherwise it will become more and more tightened and cannot be removed. The wrench clamps two tools, and only the wrench is moved, not the drill bit and the Allen wrench.

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