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The Main Things to Pay Attention to When Using the Basin Faucet

Posted on September 14 2022

Nowadays, many owners choose to install a basin when decorating the bathroom, which not only facilitates our washing, but also improves the overall decorative effect. The basin faucet is also one of the important components of the basin, so when we buy a basin faucet You should also pay attention to some matters to avoid unnecessary troubles. What should you pay attention to when buying a basin faucet? What are the advantages of a basin faucet? Let's find out with me.

What should I pay attention to when buying a basin faucet?

  1. According to the installation position and opening of the faucet, it can be divided into wall type and vertical type, single-hole and double-hole, single cooling and hot and cold dual-use. The single-cooling product is mainly suitable for the choice of basin faucet installation without hot water source such as public places, which has a great relationship with the washbasin. At present, there are several types of washbasins on the market: above-the-counter, Taichung, and below-counter. According to the different openings, they are also divided into single-hole, double-hole and three-hole. Before buying a faucet, make sure it will fit over your washbasin.
  2. It is recommended to use all-copper basin faucets as much as possible. Nowadays, the technology of all-copper faucets is very mature and occupies most of the market share. The real all-copper faucet handle, decorative nut, conversion valve, wall cover, connecting nut, eccentric joint, spout shell and other components are all made of brass. After electroplating, they are not only beautiful and heavy, but also durable. It is necessary to ask in detail whether it is a real all-copper faucet, or just the main body is made of all-copper. In most cases, it is possible to tell whether it is a full copper faucet by weight and sound. All-copper faucets are generally heavier and sound dull and low to strike.

3.The valve core is an important component of the faucet, which is inevitably related to the use experience and the life of the faucet. At this stage, it is recommended to choose a ceramic valve core. The faucets with high quality on the market now have a normal lifespan of more than 5 years and can be opened 500,000 times smoothly. The valve core of this type of faucet is mostly ceramic quality, while the traditional copper core in the past is easy to age and not durable.

4.Carefully select the length of the faucet of the basin faucet. According to the difference of the water outlet, there are vertical water outlet, inclined water outlet, rotating water outlet, pullable water outlet, wide mouth water outlet, etc. Vertical water outlet is the traditional water outlet method. When purchasing such a faucet, pay attention to the faucet. The length of the faucet, if it is too short, there is a chance that the hand will touch the edge of the washbasin when washing, and the water will come out obliquely. Let the water spray into the middle of the basin, but this type of faucet will flow vertically downward when the water pressure is low or the water flow is turned off for an hour, and it can still cause the problem of hand touching the edge of the basin.

What are the advantages of a basin faucet?

  1. Nowadays, many families will lay high-quality wooden floors, and the wooden floors will lose their function after being soaked in water, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, families have a more rigorous attitude towards the application of water sources, and the better basin faucets use high-quality ones. The material and tighter valve can ensure the safe management of the water source during use. Due to the superior material of this high-level basin faucet, it can be used with confidence in the daily use process. Even in the face of the test of cold winter, this high-quality basin faucet can still be used continuously and safely. application.
  2. Nowadays, high-quality basin faucet research and development manufacturers have also paid more attention to the shape design of their products, and the company's own shape and related creative styles are more diverse. Using this well-rated basin faucet for water use can not only satisfy Basic daily water needs, but also with this unique shape to enhance the beauty of home interior decoration. The high-end basin faucet also has a smoother and more delicate appearance, and its own decorative sense is self-evident.

Summary: The above is a complete introduction of what to pay attention to when purchasing a basin faucet and what advantages the basin faucet has. Finally, I hope this article can help you.