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The working principle and purchasing skills of the induction faucet

Posted on October 28 2022

Since the induction faucet does not require direct contact with the human body, it can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection; the function of water coming in when you reach out, and closing when you leave, can effectively save more than 30% of water, and it is also very popular in families now. Let me introduce to you the working principle and purchasing skills of the sensor faucet.

The induction faucet purchase skills

  1. Look at the appearance

The faucet body is made of all-copper casting, and the surface should be smooth. The surface of the faucet has no pores, burrs and oxidation spots, preventing the purchase of zinc alloy faucet bodies.

  1. Look at the material

It depends on whether the body of the faucet and the electroplating layer on the surface are smooth and smooth. In humid environments such as kitchen and bathroom spaces, the surface of the faucet is generally chrome-plated, but it is also chrome-plated, and the process is very different. According to the introduction of the merchant, a good pipe body is made of all-copper material, and the surface should be processed by grinding, dust removal, nickel plating, polishing, chrome plating, etc., to ensure that it will not turn black and black, blister and fall off during use. Generally speaking, from From the surface of the faucet, the brighter and more delicate it can be seen by the naked eye, the better the coating process is.

  1. Look at the details

According to the induction time and water outlet time mentioned in the product manual, test it on site to determine whether it is as stated in the book. Whether the product has a regular brand and packaging, the plug of the induction faucet must be a waterproof plug.

  1. Look at the service

Sensors are technological products, and occasionally insensitive or too sensitive can be a problem, so you need to ask about the specific terms of the service when purchasing. There is after-sales guarantee and the ability to solve problems in time.

The working principle of the sensor faucet

  1. Principle of faucet sensor - infrared reflection

The induction faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the human hand blocking, and the signal processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit is sent to the pulse. Solenoid valve, after receiving the signal, the solenoid valve opens the valve core according to the specified command to control the water from the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring to control the water close of the faucet .

  1. The principle of the faucet sensor - the principle of electromagnetic induction

When people are regarded as conductors, when they are in the magnetic field formed by 50Hz alternating current, electromagnetic induction will occur, so the human body will generate an induced current, which will react to the original electromagnetic field, thereby changing the original current. When this change is received by the circuit, water is discharged through the electromagnetic relay. The body temperature of infrared rays is 37 degrees, and when it is higher than room temperature, infrared rays are radiated outward, and the faucet is made to flow after receiving this radiation sensor. Infrared reflection The infrared transmitting tube emits a beam of infrared light in the direction of the water flow. When the hand reaches the faucet, the infrared light is reflected by the hand, and the infrared receiving tube receives the infrared light and sends the signal to the internal circuit. Turn on the power of the electromagnetic faucet, the faucet is turned on; when the hand leaves the faucet, the infrared rays are no longer reflected, the power of the electromagnetic faucet is turned off, and the water supply is stopped.

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