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Types of kitchen faucets

Posted on February 27 2023

When decorating the kitchen, we should not only consider the decoration style and grade, but also plan the space part. But often many people ignore the kitchen hardware, and you must know that the faucet is also one of the key points.

  1. Single handle kitchen faucet mixer

As you can tell from the name, this is a single handle faucet. The discharge of hot and cold water is all controlled by a handle. And when installing, you can adjust the operation type according to your needs, you can use hot water on the left, cold water on the right, or vice versa. This type of faucet is more common in the kitchen and is easy to operate.

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  1. Double handle kitchen faucet mixer

The double-handle mixing faucet is an upgraded version based on the single-handle mixing faucet. It separates hot and cold water separately, which greatly avoids scalding due to wrong opening. Two handles adjust the water volume and temperature, which are more common in some high-end faucet products.

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3. Pull-out kitchen faucet mixer

A faucet with a shower is a great boon for thousands of girls. Especially when washing your hair, the faucet pulls like a mini shower, which is very convenient to use. In addition, medium-distance flushing can also be achieved. For example: flushing the toilet, flushing the bathroom walls, etc. Its length can also be adjusted according to needs, which is very user-friendly.

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  1. Direct drinking kitchen faucet

In addition to the appealing functional faucets, water purification faucets are also popular at the moment. With everyone's pursuit of quality of life, health has been placed as the first step. Therefore, many families will install water purification equipment for the faucets, that is, install filter elements under the counter, that is, water purifiers. In addition, there is also an integrated type, which is a design in which the filter element is installed inside the faucet, which takes up less space.

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  1. Infrared sensor faucet

Infrared sensor faucets are very common in our lives. Water release and water closure are realized through the change of infrared induction. This type of faucet has very high requirements on the accuracy of the sensor, and is not suitable for home decoration. After long-term use, the sensing effect will deteriorate.

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