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Various hardware accessories purchasing skills What material is good for decoration hardware

Posted on December 21 2022

There are many types of hardware parts, which can be divided into silver parts, copper parts, iron parts, stainless steel parts, etc. from the material, and the prices of hardware parts of different materials are different, so when we choose hardware parts, we must application to select. This article summarizes the purchasing skills of various hardware such as pull baskets, faucets, floor drains, showers, door locks, door accessories, etc., hoping to help you choose satisfactory hardware.

Basket selection:

  1. Do not choose stainless steel chrome-plated and iron pull baskets, but choose stainless steel electrolytic pull baskets.
  2. The thicker and heavier the basket, the better, but it should not be too thin. Generally, the main line is 8mm.
  3. The appearance should be neat and not messy, the four corners are all 90 degrees, and the four-sided frame should be balanced.
  4. Silver blue mirror light. Mirror bright, beautiful appearance.
  5. The solder joints should not be too large.

Faucet selection:

Faucet material: stainless steel, copper, plastic, alloy, ceramic faucet

Faucet spool: ceramic, stainless steel, roller spool

Key points for purchasing: the smoother the surface, the better the quality; there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and the switch is easy and unobstructed without slipping; pay attention to identifying product marks. The faucet is made of copper as the top grade, and copper has the function of sterilization and disinfection. The steel ball valve is solid and durable, with good pressure resistance, and the ceramic valve has good sealing performance, and the hand feel is more comfortable.

Sink options:

Sink material: ceramic, stainless steel, granite, artificial stone, cast iron enamel, acrylic, artificial crystal stone

Sink size: the width is generally the width of the cabinet countertop minus 100mm, the depth is more than 180mm, and the thickness is 0.8-1mm.

Sink style: single tank, double tank, triple tank, round tank, corner tank, winged tank

Key points for purchase: the surface process is smooth and smooth, choose a well-known brand, ensure after-sales service, and pay attention to the sealing of welding.

Drain selection:

Classification of floor drains: water deodorant floor drains, sealed deodorant floor drains and three-proof floor drains

Floor drain size: square, round, rectangular, etc., 90mm*90mm to 150mm*150mm

Key points for purchase: fast drainage, good deodorization effect, anti-clogging and no cleaning, the best material is copper, and brand products are the first choice

Shower options:

Shower head material: plastic shower head, stainless steel shower head, aluminum alloy shower head, copper chrome-plated shower head, mixed material shower head

Water outlet mode: general type, massage type, soft type, turbo type, strong beam type

Shower purchase: first consider whether it is healthy and safe, comfort and sensory indicators are very important, easy to maintain, anti-fouling, no clogging, exquisite appearance and workmanship, water-saving and energy-saving. It is best to use 150-degree chrome plating on the surface, and a bright and smooth shower head indicates better quality.

Hardware pendant selection:

  1. Titanium alloy products are the most high-end products, followed by copper chrome products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, aluminum alloy chrome-plated products, iron chrome-plated products and even plastic products.
  2. To match the three-dimensional style of the three-piece bathroom set (bathtub, toilet, washbasin) that you configure, the bathroom pendant set
  3. Look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no bubble on the surface and the coating is even, you can choose
  4. The product is not only beautiful in appearance and good in use performance, but also has an excellent hand feeling, uniform, smooth and flawless

Door lock options:

Zinc alloy lock: The iron lock is of good quality and will not deform. The surface is relatively cool and smooth, and it is not easy to rust and spot, but the cost is high and wastes a lot of resources.

Stainless steel lock: easy to integrate with the door, healthy and environmentally friendly, long service life, moisture-proof and discoloration, easy to clean, but the price is high, and scratches are difficult to repair.

Pure copper lock: The copper material is wear-resistant. Compared with other material lock cylinders, it is much better in terms of performance, and it is easy to process, but it is not fireproof, and the material is soft and easy to pry open.

Aluminum alloy lock: light weight, high strength, no coating, not easy to rust, aging resistance, long life, durable, environmentally friendly, high safety factor, diverse opening methods, not easy to deform, but soft and light, low material strength.

Door stopper selection:

Ordinary permanent magnet door stopper: wall-mounted, ground-mounted, plastic type, metal type according to material

Electromagnetic door stopper: standard type, heightened type, extended type, boxed type, concealed type, long arm type, etc.

Key points for purchase: It is best to choose a door stopper made of stainless steel, and choose a well-known brand. If the wall where the door stopper is installed is behind a plaster wall or a wooden wall, we can choose floor suction; if there are children at home, we can choose wall suction.

Door closer selection:

Door closer style: exterior door closer, built-in door closer, floor spring, door bottom spring

Shopping points:

  1. Closer products must meet the national standard GB9305-88
  2. If the weight of the door is small, choose a model with less strength, and vice versa
  3. In frequent use occasions, the product should be required to have better sealing performance and long service life
  4. Choose a reliable brand of closer products

Hinge options:

Hinge specifications: 50.8*30*1, 100*60*1, 63*35*1, 101.6*76.2*2, 88.9*88.9*3, etc.

Hinge specifications: 3*3*2.2mm, 3.5*3.5*2.2mm, 4.4*2.2mm, 4*3*2.1mm, 4*3*2.5mm, 4*3.5*2.7mm, 4*4*2.7mm Wait

Key points for purchase: corrosion-resistant materials, thick quality, smooth appearance, good surface treatment, large bearing diameter, thick wall panels, close and listen to the sound of springs, loosen the dumpling cup, test the screws, and adjust with force

Handle selection:

Door handle material: single metal, alloy, plastic, glass

Door handle style: single, double, exposed, closed

Door handle appearance: tube shape, bar shape, spherical shape and various geometric shapes

Key points for purchasing: door handles must be strong and safe, interior door handles are more aesthetically pleasing and convenient, and the frequency of bathroom opening and closing is relatively high, so buy better quality. When buying, you should pay attention to distinguishing between imported and domestic door handles, and compare them to know the price.

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