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【Water Saving Sanitary Ware】Why is water so expensive? Choose water-saving sanitary ware in three steps-environmental protection and carefree

Posted on December 08 2022

Now people's awareness of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and they are paying more and more attention to whose waste and water-saving bathroom products. Toilet water consumption has accounted for about 65% of domestic water use. Among them, toilets, showers, and faucets are the main water users, which actually cause a lot of waste invisibly. And today, with rising house prices, water-saving sanitary ware has become the protagonist of public bathroom purchases. Through the design of water-saving sanitary ware, less water can achieve the effect of rinsing clean. So how to choose sanitary ware? The editor will introduce in detail the purchasing skills of water-saving sanitary ware.

Water-saving Sanitary Ware-Water-saving Toilet Selection Guide

The toilet is one of the most water-consuming sanitary ware, accounting for more than 30% of the domestic water consumption. If the water volume is small, the flushing will not be clean, and if the water volume is too large, it will cause waste. A water-saving toilet with less water volume and high momentum is particularly important. The principle of the water-saving toilet is to flush the toilet at one time. While ensuring the cleaning effect, the amount of flushing water is minimized to achieve the effect of water saving. The following three-step toilet purchase skills teach you to choose a water-saving toilet.

Step 1: Look at the toilet flushing method - spray siphon

Now the common toilet flushing methods are wash-down, siphon and spray siphon, among which spray siphon is the most popular, because it takes into account the advantages of wash-down and siphon, both powerful suction and Can mute.

Step 2: Look at the height of the water seal - the height is 55-60mm

The water seal refers to the water stored in the toilet. The height of the water seal determines the ability to block odors, but the higher the water level, the more prone to splashing. In order to take into account deodorization, water saving and splash resistance, it is best to choose a toilet with a water seal height of 55mm-60mm.

Step 3: Look at the appearance and material - clean and smooth

A layer of white glaze on the surface of the toilet is called a glaze. A good glaze has a smooth surface, which can prevent excrement from adhering to the toilet. It can be rinsed clean with one-time discharge of water. If you can't flush it clean at one time, you have to flush it again, which will waste water.

Water-saving Sanitary Ware-Water-saving Shower Selection Guide

As one of the three major water users in the bathroom, the shower will waste water and gas unconsciously every time you take a shower. Therefore, a water-saving shower is the best choice for fashion and environmental protection. It can achieve energy saving by adjusting the water pressure. The water effect, while improving the shower experience, saves shower water. How to choose the water-saving shower head?

Step 1: see the function of water - booster shower

The water-saving pressurized shower keeps the water pressure stable to balance the water volume, which can not only pressurize, but also save water, and improve the shower experience. The principle of the water-saving shower is intelligent flow limiting, which automatically adjusts the water inlet area according to the water pressure, and increases the oxygen content of the air mixed with it.

Step 2: Look at the appearance and material - ceramic valve core

Observe that the appearance and material of the shower head are mainly the valve core and the coating. The brighter and more delicate the surface of the shower head, the better the coating process. A good spool is made of extremely hard ceramics, which is smooth and wear-resistant. High-quality showers generally use all-copper tubes, and the copper tube body has a crisp knocking sound.

Step 3: choose the price of the shower - pay attention to the cost performance

Many people think that the more expensive the shower, the better the water-saving performance. Some of them may be inflated in price. High-quality hand-held showers generally cost 100-300 yuan, and shower sets usually cost 600-1200 yuan. Some cheap showers are equipped with special water-saving devices, and the water-saving effect is also good.

Water-saving bathroom - water-saving faucet selection guide

The faucet is also one of the sanitary ware that uses a lot of water, especially in homes with the elderly and children, it is inevitable that the faucet is often used, do you think it is a waste of water? A water-saving faucet can easily solve the problem of water consumption. The faucet filter can fill the water with fine and skin-friendly foam, which can also save water. The following three steps teach you how to choose a water-saving faucet.

Step 1: consider the environmental protection effect - foam water saving

The principle of the water-saving faucet is that the faucet is added with a special bubbler, the water will not splash, and it is water-saving. The bubbles can improve the affinity of water flushing. When purchasing, you can first check or ask the customer service whether there are bubbles in the water flow. Also consider its collocation and the shape you like.

Step 2: valve core and coating - stainless steel ball valve, copper ball valve

The spool is the most important part of the faucet. It must have strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. At present, the best water saving is the faucet made of ball valves, especially stainless steel ball valves and copper ball valves, which can control the water temperature. , both water saving and saving.

Step 3: Appearance and quality - aluminum alloy and stainless steel chrome plating

Generally, according to the quality grade, there are: titanium alloy products, copper chrome-plated products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, aluminum alloy chrome-plated products, iron chrome-plated products, etc. It is enough for general families to choose aluminum alloy and stainless steel chrome-plated faucets.

The bathroom is the most private space in the home, and the choice of sanitary ware is related to one's daily life. A good sanitary ware can help people relieve physical and mental fatigue. When we buy bathroom products for our own bathroom, we must consider the needs of all aspects of the home in order to buy a bathroom that meets the needs of the family. In addition, in order to buy a good-quality bathroom, we also need to consider when purchasing The quality of sanitary ware, brand reputation and other factors.

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