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What Are the Different Types of Faucet Cartridges?

Posted on August 16 2023

  1. Conventional Rotating Cartridge: The conventional rotating cartridge is a traditional type of valve cartridge that controls the water flow and temperature through rotational manipulation. This type of cartridge usually consists of rubber sealing rings and a metal rotating shaft, offering a simple and reliable design. However, due to its relatively simple structure, its durability might be lower.

  2. Ceramic Cartridge: Ceramic cartridges are made from ceramic materials and are known for their excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, resulting in a longer lifespan. They utilize a sliding action to control water flow, providing smooth and precise flow and temperature control. Ceramic cartridges can be categorized into two types: blue titanium alloy ceramic cartridges and white high-purity ceramic cartridges.

  3. Single-Handle Ceramic Column Cartridge: This type of cartridge has a simple structure and is often used in single-handle faucets. Made from ceramic material, it adjusts the ratio of hot and cold water and controls water flow by rotating vertically and horizontally. It's user-friendly and suitable for household use.

  4. Double-Handle Ceramic Column Cartridge: Double-handle ceramic column cartridges are typically used in faucets with two handles, allowing separate control of hot and cold water. Also made from ceramic materials, these cartridges control the mixing ratio of hot and cold water and adjust water flow through rotation. They offer good sealing performance and durability.

  5. Air-Control Cartridge: The air-control cartridge is a new type of valve technology that uses air pressure to control water flow. When an arm or hand approaches the sensing area, the sensor detects the signal and automatically opens or closes the water flow. This type of cartridge is widely used in automatic sensor faucets in public places.

Each of these cartridge types offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and needs for water flow and temperature control in faucets.

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