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What are the faucet accessories

Posted on March 15 2023

What are the faucet accessories? What accessories are made of the faucet?

In home decoration, hardware components are the most easily overlooked design by owners. But hardware is small, but it plays an important role in many places. Household water cannot be separated from the help of the faucet. As one of the most useful hardware components in home improvement, what are the faucet accessories? Let me introduce it to everyone, let's take a look.


(Image source: Damai water purification faucet feed, intrusion and deletion)

What accessories are made of the faucet?

1. Single control spool

The single-control valve core in the faucet is composed of lead brass, a small amount of ceramic pieces, and silica gel O-rings. It is mainly to control the water flow of the faucet through rotation, and the maximum rotation degree is 90 degrees.

2. Filter element

The filter in the faucet mainly plays a role of filtering, so that the water quality is cleaner. Most faucets on the market will use it. There are many filter types and materials, and different materials and types have different effects.

3. Rubber parts

The rubber O-ring and Y-ring in the faucet play a sealing role and are divided into two types: dynamic seal and static seal.

4. Hose

The hose is mainly used for water intake. Generally, the hose used in the bathroom needs to be pulled.

5. Installation parts

The mounting parts in the faucet include M8 single-control horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole horseshoe pad, M6 double-hole enlarged pull-out horseshoe pad and so on.