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What are the faucet accessories? What to pay attention to when buying faucet accessories

Posted on December 30 2022

Faucets are widely used in our lives, but is everyone's understanding of faucets limited to the familiarity of appearance? Especially when the faucet is broken, it is often a problem with the accessories. At this time, it is necessary to buy the faucet accessories. Do you know what are the faucet accessories? How to choose faucet accessories? Let me introduce to you the name of faucet accessories and the method of purchasing faucet accessories.

General accessories for faucets

  1. Faucet spool

Function: The faucet spool is a valve part that realizes the basic functions of direction control, pressure control or flow control by virtue of its movement. The switch control of any faucet needs a spool. For the faucet, the quality of the spool is an important basis for the quality evaluation of the entire faucet. It can be said that the most critical factor affecting the quality of the faucet is the spool.

How to choose and buy: At present, there are mainly three kinds of common spools: ceramic spools, steel ball spools and shaft-rolling spools. The ceramic valve core is currently the most widely used, affordable, less polluting, good sealing, wear-resistant, and long service life. The stainless steel valve core is especially suitable for areas with poor water quality, and will not affect the life due to water quality; it can also accurately control the water temperature, but the price will be more expensive. The roller spool has been gradually phased out.

When purchasing, just choose a faucet with a ceramic valve core. You can use your index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the handle of the faucet and swing it up and down, left and right, to see if it is flexible and not loose, and whether it blocks the handle. If not, it means that the handle is very good, and the quality of the faucet spool is qualified.

  1. Faucet valve body

The valve body of the faucet refers to the entire appearance of the faucet. Nowadays, the materials of the faucet valve body on the market are rich and varied, including stainless steel valve body, cast iron valve body, all-plastic valve body, brass valve body, zinc alloy valve body and polymer composite material valve body. Among them, the stainless steel faucet body is the most commonly used, and the quality of the zinc alloy valve body is the best, with high cost performance. Therefore, when choosing a faucet valve body, its cost performance and service life should be fully considered.

  1. Filter element

Function: The faucet filter element can filter and purify water quality, adjust the acidity and alkalinity of water quality, remove peculiar smell and mineralize water quality.

How to buy:

(1) Try to choose a disposable filter element to avoid secondary pollution

(2) At home, try to choose the brand of water purification equipment made by professional water purification companies. Not only will the technical quality be well guaranteed, but it will also provide you with more professional services.

  1. Bubbler

Function: The bubbler can fully mix the passing water and air. With the addition of air, the scouring force of the water is greatly improved, thereby effectively reducing water consumption and saving water.

How to choose and buy: If you really like the built-in aerator, you can buy the built-in aerator with its own opening seam, because it can be opened with a coin, but it should be noted that this kind of aerator can be opened every few It's about to be dismantled and cleaned. In order to reduce trouble, it is recommended to choose an externally mounted bubbler with an outer wire. Generally, this kind of bubbler can be disassembled by hand without any tools; The wrench can also be unscrewed.

  1. Faucet handle

When turning the handle of a good faucet, there is no excessive gap between the valve and the switch, and the switch is easy and unobstructed without slipping. However, inferior faucets not only have a large gap, but also a large sense of obstruction. At present, the shape and material of the handle are also showing a trend of diversification, and consumers have more choices. In the price of faucet accessories, the price of the handle is also very different according to the material and process.

  1. Rubber ring

Generally, the aprons and rubber pads are used to prevent water overflow, and some will leak if there is no apron.

  1. Faucet hose

The hose in the faucet is used for water in and out, and the hose in the faucet is 50 cm long. When buying faucet hoses, it should be noted that do not buy aluminum wire pipes. Generally, stainless steel hoses are the most practical. The best way to distinguish between the two is to hold it tightly with your hand. After you loosen your hand, the hose turns black and it is aluminum wire. If it does not change, it is stainless steel. In the faucet accessories, the hose is also very important, so it is also necessary to fully consider its cost performance when purchasing, and the price of the hose is between 10-60 yuan.

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