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What are the forms of concealed faucets? How to choose a concealed faucet?

Posted on October 14 2022

Concealed faucets not only look good, but also effectively save home space, so they are loved by consumers. However, many owners are not particularly familiar with concealed faucets. What are the forms of concealed faucets? Concealed installation How to choose a faucet? Let's find out with me.

What are the forms of concealed faucets?

  1. Single-control mode, a single switch is turned left and right to control hot and cold water, and moved up and down to control the water output, which will save water. This kind of pre-embedded box not only has a cover plate in appearance, but also has a different internal structure. There will be a level in the pre-embedded box. When pre-embedding, the entire yellow box should be pre-buried in the wall.
  2. In the form of separate control, the separate control valve has a hidden faucet, which means that the hot and cold water are controlled separately, the left is hot and the right is cold, and the water outlet is in the middle. Double switch, hot and cold water should be adjusted separately, the water flow is large in the process of adjusting to the appropriate water temperature, which is not very water-saving. If only hot water is turned on, it is easy to burn, which is not suitable for the elderly and children Sex will be stronger.

How to choose a concealed faucet?

  1. Choose high-quality brand products, and fully understand the accessories of the product before purchasing.
  2. When purchasing a faucet, try your best to try it out, mainly to test whether the switch handle is smooth. You can't just choose a beautiful style and ignore the practicability of the product.
  3. The size of the concealed faucet is fixed. After installation, its ease of use is also related to the size of the matching basin/sink, bathtub, etc. Therefore, when purchasing, you must first understand the difference between the basin/sink and the bathtub. The distance from the wall, so that when choosing a faucet, the length of the water outlet can be accurately selected. It is required that the water outlet of the faucet should not be close to the edge of the basin/sink or bathtub, otherwise it will affect the convenience of use.
  4. When purchasing this type of faucet, it is better to choose a faucet made of copper or ceramic valve core, because of its good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In short, its service life is quite long.

Summary: The above is a complete introduction to the types of concealed faucets and how to choose and buy concealed faucets. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

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