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What are the kitchen hardware pendants? Details of the purchase of kitchen hardware accessories

Posted on December 21 2022

In modern life, there are many types of kitchen utensils, among which kitchen hardware is a very important part. Modern kitchens have very high requirements for hardware accessories, because whether the function of the kitchen is practical or not is usually reflected in some small hardware details, such as the quality of the faucet. Determines the convenience of kitchen water. So how to choose kitchen hardware pendants? What are the kitchen hardware? Let's find out together.

kitchen faucet

The faucet is one of the necessary hardware in the kitchen. The kitchen is generally equipped with 1-2 faucets. Observe carefully.

Faucet material: It is recommended to choose copper or stainless steel, which is durable and harmless. Check the faucet logo, and the accessories must be complete; look at the surface: pay attention to the surface gloss, no burrs when touched by hand, the smoother the surface, the better the quality; identification mark: identify product marks, general Regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer to identify and prevent counterfeiting; listen to the sound: when a good faucet is cast copper as a whole, the sound is dull when knocked. If the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel.

kitchen storage basket

The pull basket can reasonably divide the space with the basket, so that various items and utensils can be found in their proper places. According to different uses, the pull basket can be divided into stove pull basket, three-side pull basket, drawer pull basket, ultra-narrow pull basket, high-deep pull basket, corner pull basket, etc.

Look at the appearance: the appearance should be neat and not messy, the bottom materials should be evenly arranged, the surface should not be coated, and there should be no pitting if touched by hand.

Look at the luster: generally made of stainless steel or alloy, the mirror surface is bright and the appearance is exquisite.

Look at the solder joints: the solder joints should not be too large. Too big and ugly, and most of them are weak welds, not firm, and should be slightly smaller than the size of the two welded materials themselves.

Optional configuration: The slide rail has a certain load-bearing beam, with a high degree of bite, smooth and low noise. Fasteners should be made of stainless steel.

kitchen multifunctional storage rack

The kitchen rack can be used to store kitchen utensils, tableware, knives and other items. It can store the kitchen very well, greatly saves space, and is affordable. Therefore, it is more and more popular with home consumers, and it is more and more used in the kitchen. more extensive.

Robustness: The selected shopping shelf should be firm, push and pull is not easy to shake, so as to ensure the durability of use;

Functionality: Choose a shelf according to the requirements of the kitchen. It is best to choose a fully functional one. A shelf can handle the bottles, tableware and knives in the kitchen;

Coordination: In order to make the decoration of the whole bathroom space more coordinated and unified, it is necessary to consider its matching with the kitchen when purchasing shelves;

Moisture resistance: Whether it is a solid wood shelf or a metal shelf, it will not be corrupted, deformed or rusted in a humid environment.

Kitchen hardware accessories:

Common hardware accessories in the kitchen include hooks, angle valves, hinges, slide rails, handles, etc. If you buy them yourself in order to prepare for unexpected needs, you need to have enough understanding of hardware accessories for so long.

Hinge selection: durable materials, smooth appearance, large bearings, and thick wall panels;

Selection of slide rails: slide rails that are integrally connected are preferred, with good load-bearing performance. Before purchasing, measure the required length, applicable scenarios, and how much load-bearing is required;

Angle valve selection: the best material is copper, followed by stainless steel. The valve core is generally made of ceramic valve core, and the appearance is smooth and shiny;

Handle selection: The handle should match the style of the cabinet, and copper and stainless steel are the best.