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What are the main features and principles of smart faucets?

Posted on October 27 2022

With the development of intelligence, our life has become more convenient and comfortable. Intelligent products are constantly innovated and produced, such as automatic hand dryers, automatic flush toilets, automatic sensor faucets, automatic thermostatic showers, etc. How much do you know about smart faucets in life? Do you know what are the main features of smart faucets and what are the principles of smart faucets?

 What are the main features of smart faucets:

  1. Intelligent water saving: automatic induction control on and off, put your hand or water container, washing items into the induction range, the faucet will automatically discharge water, and stop the water when you leave.
  2. Overtime protection: 30 seconds overtime washing and automatic water shutdown function to avoid water waste caused by foreign objects in the sensing range for a long time.
  3. Convenient and hygienic: The switch of water is completely automatically completed by the sensor, and there is no need to touch the faucet with human hands.
  4. Intelligent power saving: using modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption.
  5. Strong adaptability: The induction sensitivity (range) can be adjusted according to different use environments.
  6. Easy maintenance: built-in filter to prevent impurities from flowing into the solenoid valve and affecting normal work.

The principle of smart faucet:

Everyone knows this type of automatic sensor faucet. It does not have a switch, but when our hands are on, it can automatically discharge water. After use, we only need to remove the hand and it will automatically turn off the water source, which makes people feel convenient and magical. It’s amazing to look at. In fact, there is nothing mysterious about its working principle. The automatic induction faucet uses an electromagnetic wave (also called infrared) induction technology. The wavelength of this electromagnetic wave is 760nm to 400μm, which is invisible to the human eye. The sensor of the faucet is also an infrared pulse modulation transmitter. If our hand triggers the transmitter, it will return a signal to the infrared receiver, and then the signal will be converted into an electrical signal through the decoding circuit to open the electromagnetic water valve to discharge water. , Conversely, when our hand leaves the infrared receiver, the signal disappears, and the electromagnetic water discharge valve will also be automatically closed.

The automatic induction faucet is not only easy to use, but also has a 100% closing and opening induction accuracy rate, which saves about 35% of water compared with ordinary faucets. It does not need to touch the switch when using it, which also avoids the cross infection of various bacterial diseases. Environmentally friendly and healthy, it is widely used in high-level public places such as star-rated hotels, high-end bathrooms, and hospitals. Of course, the price of automatic sensor faucet is also a little more expensive than ordinary faucet, one is between $15 and $150.

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