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What are the opening methods of the faucet? The classification of the opening methods of the faucet

Posted on December 30 2022

What are the opening methods of the faucet?

The faucet is divided according to the opening method, which can be divided into spiral type, wrench type, lifting type and induction type. When the screw-type handle is opened, it needs to be rotated many times; the wrench-type handle generally only needs to be rotated 90 degrees; In addition, there is also a time-delayed faucet. After the switch is turned off, the water will continue to flow for a few seconds before stopping, so that the dirty things on the hands can be washed away again when the faucet is turned off.

  1. When the spiral handle is opened, it needs to be rotated many times, which is troublesome to use. Generally, in order to save water, people will turn off the faucet when rubbing their hands with hand sanitizer, and there will be trouble when they are turned on again. After wiping the hand sanitizer, it is slippery to turn the faucet, and the faucet is easy to be stained with hand sanitizer, so it is not recommended Choose.
  2. The lifting type only needs to be lifted up to discharge water, and the opening angle can be used to control the water flow, which is convenient and hygienic.
  3. Inductive faucets, as long as you put your hand under the faucet, water will come out automatically, but the response is slow. Easy to use, hygienic and water-saving.
  4. The wrench type generally only needs to be rotated 90 degrees, and the water flow can be controlled by the opening angle.

Therefore, when we choose a faucet, we should compare it more, so that we can choose a high-quality faucet.

Blocking infrared automatic switch faucet

Working process: When someone reaches out to wash, the infrared beam is blocked, and the faucet automatically turns on to discharge water; after washing, the water is automatically turned off after 15 seconds of delay, and the water is stopped. Easy to use, hygienic and water-saving.

Infrared light reflective water-saving faucet

Working principle: The water-saving circuit of the infrared reflective water-saving faucet distributes and collects two parts, which are placed on both sides of the faucet. When someone approaches the faucet to wash, the infrared beam is reflected, received, amplified, decoded and output. Solid state relay, turn on the water tap. After washing, people leave, and the faucet is automatically turned off. This circuit saves water and electricity, and can also prevent contact infection of various diseases, and can be widely used in restaurants, public toilets, hospitals, passenger stations and other public places.

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