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What are the types of faucets? Advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and knowledge of purchase (1)

Posted on December 01 2022

The faucet is a common sanitary hardware in our daily life. The existence of the faucet has greatly improved the efficiency of water use and our awareness of water conservation. The replacement speed of the faucet is very fast, from the old-fashioned cast iron process to the electroplating rotary type, and then to the stainless steel single temperature single control faucet, the stainless steel dual temperature dual control faucet, and the kitchen semi-automatic faucet. Now, more and more consumers are choosing faucets, and they will comprehensively consider materials, functions, shapes and other aspects. What are the types of faucets? Let us learn the advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and purchase knowledge together.

First of all, let's first understand what the faucets are classified by material.

1.Stainless Steel Faucet

Material: a faucet made of stainless steel

Advantages: beautiful atmosphere, exquisite workmanship, healthy material

Disadvantages: complex production, easy to corrode inside

Price: There are dozens to hundreds of dollars

Lifespan: up to 100 years

Environmental Protection: stainless steel is a healthy material, does not contain lead, and is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not release harmful substances

Purchase: 1. Generally, according to the quality grade, there are several types: titanium alloy, copper chrome plating, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chrome plating, etc.; 2. The valve core is the heart of the faucet, and the ceramic valve core is the best. Spool; 3. The 28-micron-thick coating structure is tight, the coating is uniform, the color is bright, and it can remain bright as new after long-term use.
Applicable places: schools, hospitals, hotels, airports, stations and other public places
2. Plastic Faucet

Material: Generally, PVC, ABA, PP and other materials are used as raw materials through mass production of molds

Advantages: Rich shapes and colors, excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties, good heat resistance, no deformation, not easy to scratch, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy, low water absorption, corrosion resistance, simple installation, and durable.

Disadvantages: not strong, short life

Price: ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan

Lifespan: generally about 1-2 years, if it is used under the sun, it will rot in less than a year

Environmental Protection: non-toxic, non-scaling, rust-free, tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy

Purchase: 1. It is recommended not to buy products that are too cheap, but to compare and choose products with moderate prices and higher cost performance; 2. Check whether the product is produced by a regular brand manufacturer, and secondly, the quality and service of the product ; 3. Good quality plastic faucet, the surface is flat and smooth, and there will be no plastic smell.

Use places: construction, industry, agriculture, chemical industry and other industries, as well as household kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, etc.

3.Copper Faucet

Material: all copper (brass) or pure copper

Advantages: The surface is chrome-plated, and the gloss and anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties are very good; copper ions have antibacterial function, which can ensure the health of water.

Disadvantages: The pure copper faucet contains lead, which is easy to affect the human body; if the electroplating layer on the surface is not properly treated, it will easily fall off after a long time of use.

Price: ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars

Lifespan: Designed according to the service life of 600,000 times, the service life is longer

Environmental protection: All copper faucets contain lead. Over time, lead and other substances may be released into tap water. Drinking water with high lead content will cause lead poisoning

Purchase: 1. The surface of a high-quality all-copper faucet will have exquisite craftsmanship, and generally it must be polished and electroplated, so the surface looks more crystal-clear and shiny; 2. Carefully observe whether the cross-sectional interface of the faucet is made of copper body material ; 3. The high-quality faucet valve core is generally made of ceramic material, which has good sealing performance and wear resistance.

Applicable places: high-end hotels or families with retro decoration style

4.Cast Iron Faucet

Material: Mainly made of an alloy composed of iron, carbon and silicon

Advantages: The price is relatively cheap, you can buy it for three to five yuan

Disadvantages: short life, single function, mostly installed in conventional simple public buildings and civil construction facilities

5.Zinc Alloy Material Faucet
Material: alloy made of zinc and other elements Advantages: smooth surface, good mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature, cheaper than copper faucets Disadvantages: Poor performance in corrosion resistance, pollutant precipitation and durability, causing relatively large hidden dangers to consumers' health and safety.

The above is the faucet through the material to divide several types, I hope to help you. In the next article we will look at the types of faucets that are used in different places.

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