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What are the types of faucets? Advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and knowledge of purchase (2)

Posted on December 02 2022

In the previous article, we learned about the types of faucets classified by material. In this issue, we will learn about the classification of faucets by application.

What are the classifications of faucets by application

1.Basin Faucet

Purpose: Installed on the washbasin, used to put cold water, hot water or mixed hot and cold water

Key points for purchasing: 1. Pay attention to the height of the faucet, and try to keep the outlet of the faucet about 15 cm higher than the height of the basin; 2. Pay attention to the color matching, which is generally based on simple and fashionable styles. Bronze basin faucets are suitable for matching with Chinese style; 3. Basin faucets of good quality are cast copper as a whole, and the sound of knocking is relatively dull

2.Kitchen Faucet

Purpose: Installed on the water plants in the kitchen, generally used for washing vegetables before meals and cleaning dishes and chopsticks after meals

Key points for purchasing: 1. Pay attention to the purchase of faucets that can discharge hot and cold water; 2. It is recommended that the kitchen faucet should be able to realize different directions of water discharge, which is convenient for daily kitchen cleaning, etc., and is easier to use; 3. Choose anti-corrosion and wear-resistant grade 10 Electroplated faucet, ceramic valve core is more heat-resistant and wear-resistant

3.Bathtub Faucet

Purpose: Installed above one side of the bathtub, used to open hot and cold mixed water, which can be connected to two hot and cold pipes is called double-connected

Key points for purchasing: 1. Pay attention to its surface, touch without burrs, observe that there are no pores, corrosion marks, no oxidation spots, crystal and luster, and feel the thickness of the coating; 2. Generally, it is recommended to choose copper faucets, because its Good sealing performance, wear resistance and long service life; 3. When turning the handle of a good faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and the switch is easy and unobstructed without slipping.

4.Shower Faucet

Purpose: It is the water discharge valve of the water pipe, and the bathroom device that controls the flow of cold and hot water is opened or closed by the rotating device

Selection points: 1. The function of automatically constant water temperature is required. When the outlet water temperature is set according to the needs, the outlet water temperature can be quickly reached and automatically constant, and the temperature difference is within 2 degrees; 2. Choose the handle of the shower faucet according to the actual situation of the family The number of shower faucets with two handles is clearly marked and easy to use, which is more suitable for the elderly or children; the single handle is simple in shape and easy to operate, but it needs to be used carefully to avoid burning.

5.Washing Machine Faucet

Purpose: Connect with the water inlet interface of the washing machine to provide the faucet for the water inlet channel of the washing machine

Key points for purchase: 1. Try to choose a faucet with a bubbler, and feel the water flow with your hands. The soft water flow and rich foaming indicate that the quality of the bubbler is better; 1. The faucet with a ceramic valve core is also good in hand It is more comfortable and smooth, and opens and closes quickly; 3. It is recommended that you go to regular markets and supermarkets to buy branded faucets, the quality and after-sales are guaranteed.

6.Mop Pool Faucet

Purpose: Installed with the mop pool, it is a special faucet for clearing rags, mops and other cleaning products

Key points for purchase: 1. Mop pool faucets are generally made of brass, zinc alloy, plastic, stainless steel and other materials. Consumers are best to ask the salesperson for a product inspection report to check the material of the faucet; 2. The surface of a high-quality faucet should be Bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, scorching marks, no pores, no blisters, no missing plating, uniform color

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