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What are the types of faucets? Advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and knowledge of purchase (3)

Posted on December 03 2022

In the previous article, we learned about the types of faucets according to their application places. I believe everyone has a deeper understanding of faucets. In the next article, let's take a look at the division of faucets according to their functional principles.

  1. Single Cold Faucet

Principle: The faucet has only one water inlet, which is connected to ordinary tap water (that is, cold water)

Advantages and disadvantages: simple and beautiful, but unable to change the water temperature flexibly

Selection points: 1. It is recommended to choose a copper-themed faucet, because it has a better sterilizing effect, meets drinking water standards, and is not easy to rust; 2. The surface of a good-quality single-cold faucet will be treated with multi-layer electroplating. , its surface will be brighter and smoother, and the color of the entire appearance will look uniform.

  1. Hot and Cold Water Faucet

Principle: Inside the faucet, a very high-precision ceramic sheet or a steel valve core is used to control the water outlet, so that when using the faucet in different directions, there will be cold water and hot water.

Advantages: automatic constant temperature, anti-scald and anti-cold shock, high temperature resistance, one-way check valve, self-contained filter.

Disadvantages: high requirements on water quality; more domestic use of paraffin valve core, the response of this valve core is relatively slow, very prone to problems

Key points for purchase: The outer surface of the hot and cold faucet is generally chrome-plated. If you press the surface of the faucet with a good hot and cold water faucet, the fingerprints will quickly disperse and it is not easy to adhere to the scale.

  1. Electric Hot Water Faucet

Principle: It is mainly composed of two parts: the main body and the water flow control system. The main body has a heating chamber design and an electrical control chamber design; the water quality passes through the faucet body, and under the action of water pressure, the switch or close state is realized. If the power is turned on, the faucet can start heating in the heating tube, and it can become hot after passing through.

Advantages: fast heating, no need to wait, multi-level safety protection, streamlined appearance, stylish and compact, easy to install and use

Disadvantages: relatively low thermal efficiency, high power, small water output; easy to generate dirt, troublesome cleaning, etc.

Key points for purchasing: High-quality electric faucets use copper heating tubes, which are corrosion-resistant, automatic descaling, safe and durable; observe the qualifications of manufacturers, especially whether there are 3C safety signs.

  1. Constant Temperature Faucet

Principle: There is a heat-sensitive element installed at the outlet of the thermostatic spool, which uses the characteristics of the element to push the spool of the valve body to move, to block or open the water inlet of hot and cold water, and to turn on the hot water while blocking the cold water. When the temperature adjustment knob is set to a certain temperature, the ratio of cold and hot water entering the water outlet will also change automatically, so that the temperature of the outlet water will always remain constant.

Advantages: easy to use, can protect the water pipe, easy to operate

Disadvantages: The plastic of the check valve is easy to age and damage; there are certain requirements for water pressure, and the pressure difference between cold and hot water should not be too large

Key points for purchasing: general thermostatic faucets made of memory alloy have a fast response to temperature changes and small temperature deviations, so they are the first choice for thermostatic faucets.

  1. Water Purification Faucet

Principle: Install the water filter device directly on the faucet, which can effectively filter out impurities, microorganisms and bacteria in the tap water

Advantages: low cost, more suitable for home use; installation and disassembly are very simple, can be done independently

Disadvantages: the water filtration effect is average, not as good as that of the water purifier; the service life is short, and the filter element needs to be replaced in half a year; the water treatment capacity is relatively small, and it can only filter the water quality of the faucet with the faucet water purifier installed

Purchase points: It is recommended to choose a water purification faucet with four-stage high-precision filtration, built-in PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, diatom ceramics, and 304 stainless steel filter

  1. Water-saving Faucets

Principle: ceramics can reduce dripping; shorten the opening and closing time of the faucet, and reduce the waste of water in the process of switching; limit the flow and save water, that is, limit the flow to reduce the unnecessary loss of water and electricity in the process of using water

Advantages: water saving, environmental protection, convenience

Disadvantages: There is a serious overpressure outflow phenomenon, and the reduction of dripping by ceramic seals cannot be achieved well

Key points for purchase: 1. The water flow rate of the outlet water should be kept at about 6 liters per minute to achieve the purpose of water saving; a good water-saving faucet has withstood the acidic high-temperature test and is intact for more than 4 hours; the water pipe of the water-saving faucet should be made of refined copper or stainless steel , free of pollutants.

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