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What are the types of faucets? Advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and knowledge of purchase (4)

Posted on December 05 2022

In this installment, we are going to look at the types of faucets that are divided into two types: on/off and spool

The faucet is divided according to the switch mode

  1. Sensor Faucet

It is a newly invented high-tech product, widely used in hotels, guesthouses, office buildings and other high-end places; without touching the faucet, it can effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection, the machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the optimal sensing distance is determined according to the shape of the basin, without manual adjustment , easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, and firm in structure; but it cannot be used in case of power failure or unstable voltage.

  1. Wrench Faucet

It is a quick-opening type, with fast water discharge and fast customs duties. The wrench handle generally needs to be rotated 90 degrees; this type of faucet uses the currently popular ceramic valve core as the seal, and its advantages are flexible switching, easy temperature adjustment, and long service life.

  1. Lift-up Faucet

The lifting type is a compression valve core. The height of the screw is adjusted by rotating the handle, thereby adjusting the cross section of the water flow, adjusting the water volume, and adjusting the water intake and water intake ratio by the displacement of the upper and lower ceramic plates. Thereby the control realizes single-handle control of hot and cold water.

  1. Spiral Faucet

The switch of this kind of faucet is screw type, the water output is large, and the price is low; but the appearance is not simple and fashionable enough, and it is easy to leak when it is used for a long time.
5. Single Handle Faucet

It is more common in life, only with a single handle, flexible switch, long service life, quick and convenient temperature adjustment, and more economical to use

6.Double Handle Faucet

It is divided into two switch handles, which can adjust the water temperature and water temperature by adjusting the switch on both sides. It is not very convenient to use, but you can manually adjust the water and water temperature according to your own needs. Double-handle faucets are rubber sealed and are less durable than faucets with ceramic valve core.

Faucets are classified by valve core

  1. Ceramic valve corefaucet

Advantages: affordable, less water pollution, strong wear resistance, good sealing, long service life and high temperature resistance, etc., it is the most ideal faucet valve core material

Disadvantages: Ceramic texture is fragile and easy to break

  1. Stainless steel valve corefaucet

Advantages: It can accurately control the water temperature, ensure that hot water flows out quickly and accurately, and save energy

Disadvantages: The production cost is higher than other types of spools, and the manufacturing process requires more precision, which is suitable for applications in places with poor water quality

  1. Copper valve corefaucet

Advantages: good antibacterial property, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, strong and durable, easy to process

Disadvantages: the price is more expensive, and the quality of copper is very high, otherwise it is easy to accumulate scale

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