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What are the types of faucets? Advantages and disadvantages of various faucets and knowledge of purchase (5)

Posted on December 05 2022

The faucet is divided according to the structure

  1. Single-connected Faucet

Features: One in and one out, directly connected to one of the cold water pipes or hot water pipes

Uses: such as single cold basin faucet and single cold vegetable basin faucet

  1. Double-connected Faucet

Features: Two in and one out, it is connected to two water inlet pipes of hot and cold water at the same time, mostly a mixing faucet, a faucet used on a basin or washbasin, a faucet mixed with cold and hot water used on a kitchen sink or a vegetable basin

Uses: such as basin mixer taps and kitchen mixer taps

3.Triple-connected Faucet

Features: Two in and two out, means that in addition to the two water inlet pipes of hot and cold water, it can also be connected to the shower nozzle, mainly used for the faucet of the bathtub and the faucet of the shower

Application: such as bathtub faucet

The faucet is divided according to the installation method

  1. Pull-out faucet

Advantages: free expansion and contraction, 360-degree rotation angle, easy to use; not easy to stick to oil stains, easy to clean, anti-wear; thick and compact material, multi-layer electroplating process, high temperature resistance, imported ceramic valve core inside, pure and soft water , reliable performance.

Disadvantages: The base is fixed during installation, and cannot be rotated without picking up the pull-out faucet.

Uses: It can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, and it is very convenient no matter where it is washed.

2.Seat type faucet

Advantages: The water temperature is not affected by the water pressure, and there will be no sudden cold and hot phenomenon when showering; avoiding the violent noise of the forced-discharge water heater; simple installation, no need for professionals

Disadvantages: only a fixed position to discharge water, not stretchable

Uses: such as the faucet on the wash basin

3.Into the wall faucet

Advantages: smart water saving, space saving, convenient cleaning

Disadvantages: The installation will be more complicated than ordinary faucets, and once there is a problem during use, it will be very troublesome to repair

Uses: Improve the decoration of the entire bathroom space and make the bathroom space more tidy

4.Wall-mounted faucet

Advantages: If there is a failure of the faucet leaking, it is easy to find the cause of the failure and repair it

Disadvantages: The leakage of the faucet takes up space, and the exposed area needs to be wiped frequently to keep its appearance bright

Application: such as shower faucet

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