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What does it mean when there is a single-hole faucet? The difference between a single-hole faucet and a double-hole faucet

Posted on December 27 2022

A single-handle single-hole faucet refers to a faucet that has only one switch and cannot be adjusted. This type of faucet is either hot water, cold water, or double-pipe mixed water, but only one of them can be selected, and the water temperature cannot be adjusted.

Faucets can also be divided into the following categories:

  1. Single-handle two-hole faucet: Generally, the left side is hot and the right side is cold, or the right side is hot and the left side is cold. Just adjust the direction of the handle to adjust the temperature of the water.
  2. Double-handle and double-hole faucet: This type can also be understood as two faucets combined into one, with two switches, which can be used for hot and cold water.

The difference between a single-hole faucet and a double-hole faucet:

  1. For the double-hole basin faucet, the handle and the spout are separated. Two installation holes are required on the basin or countertop. Some double-hole basin faucets require a fixed hole distance. The single hole basin mixer is one piece.
  2. The single-hole faucet only emits single cold or hot water, and the double-hole basin faucet can be turned on at the same time.
  3. In appearance, double holes occupy a larger area than single holes.

Is the faucet single hole or double hole better?

  1. Single hole faucet

Advantages: A single-hole faucet refers to a faucet with only one single-inlet water, which is convenient to install, easy to force and maintain, and lasts longer.

Disadvantages: The single hole can only enter cold water or hot water, and the use function is single.

  1. Two-hole faucet

Advantages: The double-hole faucet is a double-inlet faucet, and there are two water inlets under the faucet. It can enter cold water or hot water, and it is more convenient to install in the bathroom.

Disadvantages: The installation of the two-hole faucet is complicated, and the material requirements are high, and the price is relatively expensive.

Summary: As for whether the faucet is better with single holes or double holes, it is mainly selected according to the needs of household use. Generally, kitchen staff use single holes, and bathrooms use double holes.

Installation method of single hole hot and cold water faucet

  1. First put the copper buckle and a rubber pad into the two water inlet hoses.
  2. Then put one end of the two water inlet hoses through the holes in the sink or basin.
  3. Then put the rubber pad into the hose, then put the copper wire in, then take the faucet in, and screw the screw of the pipe on the faucet.
  4. Then screw the copper wire on the faucet, and then put it into the hole of the sink or basin, tighten the copper buckle inside to fix the faucet smoothly, and then connect the two pipes to the water outlet, and the installation is complete up.

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