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What is a faucet and what are the requirements for producing a faucet

Posted on December 27 2022

What is a water spout

The water spout, also known as the faucet, is a device for opening and closing the water medium and controlling the outlet water flow and water temperature. It is usually installed on the water pipe. It cannot withstand a nominal pressure greater than 1MPa, nor can it withstand a temperature greater than 90 degrees. water temperature. With the continuous improvement of people's life, production and living standards, the function and appearance of faucet products are quite different from the previous ones, and various professional functions and various novel styles of products have appeared on the market.

There are many materials for making faucets, including copper, cast iron, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and so on. At present, in addition to the harmless materials for some sealing parts of the faucets on the market, most of the faucet valve bodies are made of miscellaneous brass, and some also use copper alloy materials. It should be noted that the lead content in the miscellaneous brass valve body is easy to exceed the standard, and the lead element needs to be removed by the method of lead washing to avoid damage to the body.

What are the requirements for the production of faucets

  1. The electroplating surface has uniform gloss, and there must be no defects such as peeling, cracking, burning, exposed bottom, peeling, black spots, obvious pitting, and burrs
  2. The surface of spraying should be fine and dense, smooth and uniform, and there should be no defects such as sagging and bottoming out
  3. The polished surface should be smooth without obvious burrs and scratches.
  4. After the surface coating and plating of the product are subjected to the 24h acetic acid salt spray test according to QB/T3827, they should meet the requirements of level 10 in QB/T3832
  5. The faucets that need to be marked with cold and hot water should have clear marks of cold and hot water and be firmly combined. The cold water mark is marked with blue or the letter C on the right, and the hot water mark is marked with red or the letter H on the left.
  6. For washbasins and washing faucets with one or several accessories, the flow rate shall not be less than 0.15L/s under the dynamic pressure of (0.3±0.02)MPa water pressure. Under the water pressure of (0.1±0.01) MPa, the flow rate of the washbasin and the washing nozzle (with accessories) should not be greater than 0.15 L/s.

What should be paid attention to when installing the faucet

  1. If the water supply pressure of the local pipe network is too high, it should be considered to take decompression measures on the pipeline in front of the faucet, install a decompression valve, install an automatic flow limiter or an orifice plate, etc.
  2. One type of coffins promoted is plastic, and the other type is thin-walled (stainless steel and copper pipes). Their rigidity is far inferior to that of galvanized pipes, so it brings some inconvenience to the installation of water nozzles. We should pay enough attention to the method of fixing the faucet, otherwise the faucet and the interface will be loosened due to frequent movement of the faucet handle.

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