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What is the function of the faucet spool? What material is good for the spool

Posted on December 08 2022

What is the function of the spool

Most of the water-saving faucets add special bubblers to the water-saving appliances, so that the water will not splash. While saving water, the aerobic water flow with bubbles has better scouring power and comfort. When purchasing, you can test the water first to see if there are bubbles in the water flow. Also consider its matching with sanitary ware to see if the model matches. The price of water-saving faucets is high, but it is still economical in the long run. To choose a water-saving faucet, in addition to choosing your favorite faucet shape, you must also pay special attention to the quality of the valve core.

The best is the faucet made of ball valve, which is recognized in the industry as the best product in terms of water conservation. Especially stainless steel ball valves and copper ball valves, which can control the water temperature to ensure that hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving water and energy.

The spool is a valve part that realizes the basic functions of direction control, pressure control or flow control by virtue of its movement. The switch control of any faucet requires a spool. For a faucet, the quality of the spool is an important basis for the quality evaluation of the entire faucet. It can be said that the most critical factor affecting the quality of the faucet is the spool.

Types of faucet spools

Common faucet spools include steel ball spools and ceramic spools. The steel ball valve core has good resistance to pressure, but the disadvantage is that the rubber sealing ring of the sealing effect is easy to wear and will age quickly. Compared with steel ball valves, ceramic valve cores are more heat-resistant and wear-resistant. Moreover, the ceramic valve core itself has a contact sealing function, so it can achieve a high resistance to opening times, and the water nozzle will not leak due to the wear of the valve core. The faucet with ceramic valve core is more comfortable and smooth to the touch, and it can be opened and closed quickly.

What material is good for the faucet spool?

The faucet spools currently on the market are mainly made of three common materials: ceramics, stainless steel, shaft rollers, etc. The quality and advantages of faucet spools made of different materials are different:

  1. Ceramic spool

This is currently the most popular type of faucet spool. Compared with spools made of other materials, it has good sealing performance, good wear resistance, and stable physical properties, so its service life is long. Even if the faucet is frequently switched on and off for a long time, Its sealing performance will not be weakened, and the natural faucet will not leak water during use, but the price of the faucet with the ceramic valve core is also quite expensive.

  1. Stainless steel spool

This type of faucet spool is mainly processed into an irregular seven-hole steel ball spool using Aurora technology. This type of spool product has relatively high technical content and is a new type of spool product. Generally, faucets designed with stainless steel spools are more suitable. It is used in places with poor water quality environment, because it is not affected by impurities in the water, and its service life is still long.

  1. Shaft roller valve core

This type of faucet spool is the same as its name. Its handle turns smoothly, it is easy to operate, it feels comfortable and relaxed, and it is resistant to aging and wear. Although it has so many advantages, it is gradually withdrawing from the market and is being used by some new types. The faucet spool is replaced.

Precautions for choosing faucet spool

When choosing a faucet spool, no matter what type of spool you choose, if you want to choose a high-quality product, you must pay more attention to it during the purchase process:

  1. When purchasing, you can turn on and off the faucet handle repeatedly, and use your hands to feel whether there is any resistance in the middle of the switch. You must pay more attention to it during the purchase process.
  2. When the spool is adjusted left and right, you can also judge the feeling of use. When a good spool turns left and right, it is "idling", with a very light feel and no resistance.
  3. Use the index finger and middle finger to gently clamp the handle of the faucet and move it up, down, left, and right to see if it is flexible and not loose, whether there is a blocked feel, whether there is a resistive feel, flexible and not loose, no blocked feel and there is A heavy resistance feel means that the spool you have chosen is a high-quality product.
  4. Try to choose regular manufacturers for purchase, but don’t underestimate the faucet spool, which determines the service life of the faucet to a certain extent.

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