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What should I do if there is no water coming out of the hot water direction of the faucet?

Posted on November 18 2022

Now many people will install faucets that can produce cold water and hot water in their homes, so that daily water can also use hot water at any time, so that the electricity that the water heater keeps running to boil water will not be completely wasted. So what is the reason why the hot water direction of the faucet does not come out? Let's take a look at the solution together.

What should I do if there is no water coming out of the hot water direction of the faucet?

  1. There may be a problem with the household circuit, the power supply is faulty or leaking, so there is no hot water.
  2. If you use the faucet for a long time, scale will accumulate inside and block the water pipe, so there will be no hot water.
  3. If the weather is relatively cold, the water pipes are easy to freeze, and the water pipes cannot pass water normally, so there is no hot water.
  4. The water pressure in the water heater is not enough and there is air inside. At this time, the water in the water heater needs to be drained and then refilled to restore the water volume.
  5. If the triangle valve is blocked, it can be judged by whether there is water in the hose. If the triangle valve is blocked, it is best to replace it with a new triangle valve.

What is the reason for the cold water coming out of the hot water faucet?

The direct heating electric faucet has no liner, and its working principle is to let cold water pass through the heating pipe, and the pipe is also very cold when it is first used. At this time, the water cannot be heated naturally. After a period of time, the pipe is heated, the water flowing through it becomes hot naturally, the water continues to boil, and the water continues to emit heat from the pipe until the heating rate is slower than the speed of being carried away by the water, and the water will cool down again. Hot water from a water heater is created by the pressure of cold water. In the process of turning into hot water through the water heater, cold water is affected by its own density and circulation resistance. The pressure of hot water will be lower than that of cold water. The pressure of the high pressure hose is equal, because of the pressure difference the hot water will be kept in the water heater, so the hot water cannot be released. Also, if the hot water port of the faucet is connected to a cold water pipe, the faucet will not produce hot water. In this case, you will need to check all the water inlet connections to the faucet to make sure there are no faulty connections.

How to choose a hot water faucet

  1. Look at the workmanship: the surface should be flat and smooth, there should be no burrs on the surface of the faucet by hand, and the surface will not absorb stains, indicating good quality.
  2. Look at the material: it is best to choose all-copper material, which has a long service life, high temperature resistance, and antifouling.
  3. Look at accessories: When purchasing, you also need to look at accessories, such as bubbler, valve core, etc., be sure to choose accessories with reliable quality.

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