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What should you pay special attention to during faucet installation?

Posted on February 21 2024

Do not install the cold and hot water supply pipes backwards. Generally, the hot water supply pipe is on the left facing the faucet, and the cold water supply pipe is on the right. Except for special markings. After installation, remove the bubbler, showerhead and other easily clogged accessories, let the water flow out, completely remove impurities, and then reinstall them. The tools provided with the faucet should be retained for future maintenance. When disassembling the water inlet hose, do not wrap sealing tape or use a wrench, just tighten it with your hands, otherwise the hose will be damaged. For wall-mounted faucets, determine the exposed length of the elbow as needed, otherwise too much of the elbow will be exposed on the wall, affecting the appearance.

For thermostatic faucets, the recommended static pressure of hot and cold water supply is 3bar (0.3MPa), and the minimum water supply pressure is 0.5bar (0.05MPa). The pressure difference between hot and cold water supply should not be greater than 2bar (0.2MPa). If the water supply pressure is greater than 5bar (0.5MPa), please install a pressure reducing valve. For thermostatic faucets, the hot water supply temperature range is 50°C-80°C, and the recommended hot water supply temperature is 65°C.