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What to do if the faucet is clogged? Tips for cleaning a clogged faucet

Posted on December 07 2022

The faucet at home is blocked and the water flow is getting smaller and smaller. Many people encounter this kind of problem at home and feel inconvenient. How to solve it? If the faucet is blocked because of scale, you can clean the filter, but what if it is blocked due to other problems? The following will introduce to you what to do if the faucet is blocked and the tips for cleaning the blocked faucet.

What to do if the faucet is blocked
1.The quality of the faucet: close the main valve and change a faucet

2.Scale blockage: Remove the faucet, pour some hydrochloric acid into it, rinse. If there is no hydrochloric acid, you can soak the scale with white vinegar and continue to use.

3.Blockage by foreign objects: Open the connection under the basin with a wrench, turn the faucet upside down, and fill it with a bottle of clean water. If the water flowing out of the back end is not smooth, it proves that there are foreign objects in the faucet pipe. If the pipe is blocked, you can take it to the bathroom and use the high-pressure water mode of the shower head to flush it hard. If the foreign matter is large and stubborn, you can use a hard steel wire to insert it into the faucet to clear it. If it is the faucet joint, usually called the faucet seat, it is probably blocked at the position where it is in contact with the countertop, you need to find a thin steel wire, make a hook at one end, and slowly hook out the foreign matter. After processing, use the faucet to pour water upside down. This flushing process can flush out the small debris that has just been hooked off, ensuring that the debris is completely drained.

How to clean a clogged faucet

  1. Clean with vinegar

This method is suitable for faucets without a filter, and the faucet with a filter needs to be cleaned in another way.

The first trick to clean the clogged faucet is to use vinegar reasonably. The water in the faucet comes from tap water. One disadvantage of tap water is that it will form a kind of sediment over a long period of time, which will cause the faucet to be clogged and have a certain impact on home life. At this time, a glass of Vinegar can solve this problem without spending too much money to replace the faucet.

(1) Pour the vinegar into the cup prepared in advance, not too much, then put a cotton ball in the cup, soak it all, and keep it for 5 minutes.

(2) Take out the cotton ball in the cup, and then stuff it into the outlet of the faucet to be cleaned. Remember to reserve a little cotton ball, otherwise it will not be easy to take out, and you can take it out after about fifteen minutes.

(3) Remove the cotton ball, you can see the dirt and debris on the cotton ball after cleaning, soak it in vinegar for 2-3 minutes with a clean rag, and then wipe the edge of the faucet with a rag, which can remove it very well Dirt from the faucets.
(4) Turn on the faucet. At this time, you can check whether the faucet is running normally. If not, use the above method to clean it again.
2. Filter cleaning

Generally, the newly installed faucet will have a layer of filter for incoming water. The use of the filter is to prevent the water from splashing randomly during the use of the faucet, but the filter can not only prevent the water from splashing, but also absorb a lot of dirt. If the faucet is clogged, the filter needs to be cleaned.
(1) Tool preparation, some sewing needles or paper clips are required for cleaning the filter. If you don’t have these, you can use toothpicks instead. Of course, you must prepare a knife and an air blower.

(2) Test, gently remove the filter head of the faucet, turn on the faucet, and see if the water flow is still small, if not, then it is a problem with the filter, if the water flow is still small after removing the filter, then it is not the filter There is a problem, now we need to check it out

(3) Remove the filter from the filter head with your fingertips. Note that in the process of obtaining, the amount of fingertips should not be too large, so as not to damage the filter

(4) The filter screen generally has two layers. Use the prepared sewing needle and knife to take out the white filter screen along the edge of the filter screen. Do not use too much force when taking it out, and do not dent or deform the white metal ring. Use a paper clip or toothpick to take out the internal parts of the filter one by one. Be careful not to damage the internal parts at this time.

(5) Blow the filter screen with air, and at the same time use a toothpick to clean the dirt in the filter screen one by one, and rinse with clean water after finishing.

(6) Install the filter back according to the previous disassembly sequence.

Among the tips for cleaning clogged faucets, although the cleaning of the filter screen is very simple, you must be extra careful, because the filter screen will be damaged if you are careless.
3. Use detergent

The last trick is to use detergent to clean. In general, the faucet of Xi’an Aili should be cleaned every three months. When cleaning the faucet stains, you need to use a neutral detergent to clean its surface, and then wipe it with a clean and soft cloth. Clean, the inside of the faucet can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a small brush dipped in detergent. Remember to use only neutral detergents, otherwise it will damage the luster of the faucet surface.
4. The correct method of using the faucet
Some people like to turn the faucet tightly every time they run out of water, thinking that this will prevent water leakage. In fact, to use the faucet correctly, you should try to close and open it lightly. Do not turn the faucet knob vigorously repeatedly, and you should not install the faucet too tightly.

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