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What to do if the shower faucet leaks? Shower faucet purchase-installation-maintenance(1)

Posted on December 14 2022

The shower faucet in the bathroom is the switch that controls the bath water volume and temperature. Choosing the right shower faucet is the beginning of a good shower. There are many kinds of materials for shower faucets, such as stainless steel, copper, etc.; according to different installation methods, they can be divided into wall-mounted shower faucets and wall-mounted shower faucets. Let's learn about the purchase, installation and maintenance of shower faucets together.

What is a shower faucet?

The shower faucet is the water discharge valve of the water pipe, and the bathroom device that controls the flow of hot and cold water is opened or closed by a rotating device.

Classified by installation method: wall-mounted and wall-mounted shower faucets.

Wall-mounted shower faucet: It is installed on the wall, and the faucet body, water separator, connecting open pipe pillars, etc. all protrude from the wall.

In-wall shower faucet: only the handle protrudes from the wall, and the pipes and water distributors connected to the faucet are mostly buried in the wall, which is invisible from the outside.

Name of shower faucet accessories

General shower faucet accessories include: shower hose, rubber gasket, overhead shower, hand shower, decorative cap, water drain, kidnapper, lower outlet faucet, fixing seat, faucet, etc.

Shower faucet selection

  1. Look at performance

When choosing a faucet, you should first switch on and off the handle several times to see if the handle is delicate and tight. Too loose or too tight is not good. The smoothness of the surface is also one of the highlights. The better the surface treatment, the smoother and brighter it means that the craftsmanship is better, and it can also indirectly reflect its quality. In addition to looking at these, it is also necessary to see whether there are trachoma or cracks in the seams of the faucet. Trachoma is the small holes and cracks that appear on the surface and inside of the copper material during the casting process. If there is trachoma, it will seep water after passing through the water, and in severe cases, it will break.

  1. Look at the actual situation of the family

The shower faucet with two handles, such as hot water on the left hand and cold water on the right hand, is clearly marked and easy to use, which is more suitable for the elderly or children. The shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking and simple. It can be rotated left and right to adjust the hot and cold water. It is easy to operate, but it needs to be used carefully to avoid burning.

  1. Look at the faucet spool

The spool of the faucet is like the human heart, and the quality of the spool should be especially considered when choosing.

There are three types of faucet spools that are common on the market: stainless steel ball valves, ceramic disc spools and shaft-rolling spools. The common feature of these three types of spools is that they are integral, and the entire mandrel is integrated, which is easy to install, maintain and replace. Among them, the ceramic spool has the advantages of low price and less pollution to water quality, but the texture of ceramic is brittle and easy to break The advantage of the shaft-rolling spool is that the handle is turned, the operation is easy and convenient, and it is resistant to aging and wear; while the stainless steel ball valve has high technological content, and some high-end bathroom products use it as the spool of their latest faucet products. The water temperature can be accurately controlled to ensure that hot water flows out quickly and accurately, saving water and energy.

  1. Look at the water-saving performance

With the rise of water prices, people have to pay attention to the water saving of faucets. Usually a normal faucet and a water-saving faucet have a very different water output. The water-saving faucets on the market can be opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times without leaking a drop of water. Compared with the old faucets, they can save 30-50% of water. New high-tech faucets such as ceramic chip, variable pitch, self-closing, etc. are tightly closed, sensitive, and the closing speed is only one-tenth of the old faucet, and the water-saving effect is remarkable. The latest water-saving faucets have With the new design, the water-saving device installed in the faucet can be adjusted or removed by itself, and the water-saving rate can be freely switched and controlled, thereby enhancing the water-saving effect. Products made of ball valves are recognized by the industry as the best in terms of water conservation. When purchasing, you can consult the sales staff for products using related technologies. Most of the well-known brands on the market have such products.

How much is a shower faucet?

Shower faucets generally range from dozens to hundreds, because current shower faucets generally include showers, faucets and related accessories, all of which come in shower faucet sets.

The above are some brief introductions about shower faucets. In the next article, we will introduce in detail the installation of shower faucets and how to repair water leakage.

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