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What to do if the shower faucet leaks? Shower faucet purchase-installation-maintenance(2)

Posted on December 14 2022

In the previous article, we learned some knowledge about shower faucets. Next, we will briefly introduce the installation of shower faucets and how to repair water leakage.

Shower faucet installation

  1. Preparation stage

(1) Go to the actual environment to investigate, select the shower faucet of the corresponding size, plan the location, and prepare adjustable wrench, water pipe wrench, raw material tape and other materials.

(2) Check whether the quality and model of the shower faucet meet the requirements, and list the number of accessories.

  1. Details of shower faucet installation

(1) Before installation, turn off the water source and clean the water distribution pipes to keep them clean.

(2) Lock the decorative cover into the teeth of the water inlet elbow, then wrap the raw material tape on the teeth, lock it into the wall pipe, rotate the decorative cover to the wall, follow this process, and continue to install the hot and cold water inlet Curve.

(3) When adjusting the hot and cold water inlet elbow, the rotation angle is horizontal, and the hole distance is the same as that of the hot and cold water inlet holes of the body. The actual details need to be adjusted by yourself, and the nut is tightened with an adjustable wrench.

(4) Tighten the connection between the nut of the hose group and the lower part of the body, and take care of the leakage.

(5) Lock the shower head into the nut at the other end of the hose, and lock it according to the instructions in the manual.

(6) Mark the location of the hook on the wall, drill a hole at the marked place with an electric drill, insert a plastic expansion tube into the hole, and lock the hook with screws.

(7) When turning on the water source, first check whether there is any water leakage problem. After the test is normal, the process is considered to be installed.

  1. Friendly reminder

(1) Before installation, first open the water valve to flush out the impurities in the pipeline to avoid future blockage

(2) Before removing the old faucet, please turn off the water valve

(3) When cleaning and maintaining, use corrosive detergent to clean first, avoid scrubbing the surface with rough materials, otherwise the surface material will be damaged

(4) After the faucet has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly clean the garbage in the filter to avoid clogging the faucet and reduce the water pressure.

Standard size of shower faucet height

The distance between the shower faucet and the ground should be controlled at about 90-100cm as much as possible. Within this height range, it can be adjusted according to the height of the family. But try not to lower the height below 110cm, otherwise it is very likely that the water from the shower faucet cannot enter the pipe smoothly due to the position problem.

How to repair the shower faucet

(1) What to do if the shower faucet leaks

  1. The water outlet is leaking

That is due to the wear of the shaft gasket inside the faucet. Use pliers to loosen the gland and remove it, take out the shaft spacer with a stand, and replace it with a new shaft spacer.

  1. Water leaks from the lower part of the faucet

That is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. You can loosen the screw and remove the bolt head, then loosen and remove the gland, then take out the triangular gasket inside the gland and replace it with a new one.

  1. Leakage at the junction of the connecting pipe

Generally, the acorn nut is loose. At this time, you can retighten the acorn nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

(2) Disassembly of the shower faucet

  1. Before removing the shower switch, we must first close the main water gate, then pry off the decorative cap of the handle, and then loosen the screws to easily remove the fingerprints. Generally speaking, it can be removed after two turns (the unscrewed screws should be put away during the removal process to avoid loss).
  2. To unscrew the decorative cover, this step requires a little effort, and then you can take off the gland nut; the part exposed after taking it off is the valve core, which is the key part of the shower switch; after taking it off, you can perform internal flushing , remove the impurities.
  3. After cleaning and ensuring that the surface is free of impurities, we can replace the valve core with a new one, and the hole must be accurate; after the position is fixed, the gland nut can be installed, and the valve core can be turned clockwise until it cannot move. .
  4. Install the handle according to the hot water outlet position, tighten the screws, and press the decorative cap.

(3) Shower faucet spool replacement

  1. Pry off the decorative cap of the handle
  2. Loosen the screw and remove the handle (be careful that the screw is unscrewed and dropped, and the handle can be removed in about one or two turns);
  3. Twist off the decorative cover (it takes a little effort); remove the gland nut; take out the valve core;
  4. The water valve can be opened slightly, and the valve body can be washed with water to remove impurities;
  5. Replace the new spool (accurate positioning), and the installation surface should be clean of debris;
  6. Install the gland nut, and the tightness must be constant (if it is loose, it will leak water, if it is tight, it will be inconvenient to disassemble next time); turn the valve core adjustment rod clockwise until it stops turning (hot water position);
  7. Install the handle according to the hot water outlet position; tighten the screws and install the decorative cap.

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