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What to do if the shower head is blocked How to choose the right shower head

Posted on July 12 2023

I believe that everyone is familiar with the shower. It is a bathroom product that we all use when we take a shower. However, after a period of use, it often becomes clogged. This is a very common phenomenon. In fact, this It does not mean that the shower head is broken, and there is no need to buy a new one. This problem is mainly due to the scale generated after long-term immersion in water. So what should I do if the shower head is blocked? Today, the editor also collected some information, and the article also includes related knowledge on how to choose and buy shower heads correctly. Let's learn together.

What to do if the shower head is blocked

  1. With acupuncture

If only part of the small holes are blocked, you can turn on the water at this time to see if those holes are blocked, then turn on the shower head of the shower, prepare a needle, and use the needle to remove the small holes that did not come out of water just now. Pierce the impurities in the hole until there are no impurities in the hole, but do not puncture the shower hole during operation.

  1. Soak in vinegar

If the nozzles at home have been blocked for a period of time, and a large number of holes are sealed, it is unrealistic to pierce them one by one with a needle. At this time, the editor recommends acidizing and dust removal, which can easily solve this problem. The problem is, just prepare some white vinegar, pour it into the basin and submerge the shower head completely, and after about 10 minutes, the scale on the shower head will be removed.

  1. Use lubricant

If the metal part of the product is rusted, causing serious blockage, the editor recommends a very suitable product, which has good affinity and permeability with the metal, can separate the rust layer from the metal layer, and leave A protective film, so that the shower will never rust, it is a rust removal lubricant, so if you have such a situation at home, you might as well buy a bottle and try it.

How to choose the right shower head

  1. When purchasing, be sure to check the water output of the product. Generally speaking, high-quality nozzles can ensure that the water distribution of each hole is basically the same. Of course, the water-saving function is also a part that needs to be considered when purchasing. For example, some shower heads The steel ball valve core is used, and it is equipped with a hot water controller, which saves 50% of water compared with ordinary showers.
  2. As we all know, this kind of product will inevitably have a lot of scale accumulation after a long time. If it cannot be cleaned, some holes will be blocked. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon, well-designed shower nozzles are often protruding from the outside. , It is very easy to clean, just use a cloth or hand to wipe off the scale deposited on the nozzle, so you must pay attention to the nozzle when purchasing.

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