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What's the matter if there is no water off the faucet but no water

Posted on November 05 2022

If there is no water from the faucet, you will definitely consider whether the water is stopped, but if it is determined that the water is not stopped, then the specific reasons will be analyzed in detail. Next, let's take a look at what happened and how to solve the problem of no water faucet but no water, hope to help you.

What's the matter if there is no water off the faucet but no water

First check the reason why the faucet does not come out, and then prescribe the right medicine according to the actual situation. If it is caused by a blocked mesh port, remove the faucet first, then take out the mesh port, then clean the dirt on it with detergent, and then put it back in. If it is caused by insufficient water pressure, turn off the faucet for a while before turning it on, or you can install a booster pump on the water line.

There is no water off, the faucet has no water, is the valve core broken?

  1. The water pipe is blocked
  2. The water valve is not open
  3. The water valve is broken, and it doesn't work if you turn on the switch
  4. The faucet is broken

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