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What's the matter with the unstable water flow of the faucet at home

Posted on November 05 2022

In life, the water in the home will be bigger and smaller for a while, and there is a high probability that the water pressure is not enough or there are foreign objects in the water pipe. In fact, this kind of problem can be solved by the property, and the sooner it is solved, the better. Next, let's take a look at how to solve the problem that the water in the faucet is suddenly large and small.

What's the matter with the unstable water flow of the faucet at home

  1. There may be foreign objects in the water pipe, causing poor circulation, and the pipe needs to be dredged.
  2. It may be that the water pressure is not enough, (build a pool on the roof by yourself)
  3. Check with the water company for maintenance
    How to solve the big and small water in the faucet
  4. You first unscrew the water outlet, there is a layer of filter on it, it may be blocked by soil.
  5. Check again whether the water pipe is blocked (the old iron pipe has this phenomenon, and the new plastic PVC pipe generally does not appear)
  6. If it still doesn't work, check with the property department again (the possibility of water pressure becoming smaller is extremely small).

How to solve the problem of water on the first floor and water on the second floor

Method 1: You can take some measures to deal with it. The easiest way is to install a booster pump. This kind of tap water booster pump is easy to buy. We can buy one and install it on the main water inlet pipe at home. In addition, remember to try your best to Installing a check valve at the outlet of the circulating pump can also solve the problem of insufficient water pressure to a certain extent.

Method 2: To solve the problem of water pressure, you can also install a small water storage tank and a pressurized pump. This is an upgrade method, and even just installing a pressurized pump won't solve the problem. This method requires a certain amount of space. To make this clear, the method is to first install a water storage tank to ensure water consumption, and then use a booster pump to ensure water pressure during use. This type of installation also requires the installation of check valves and other components.

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