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When choosing a shower, you must pay attention to the details to avoid stepping on the pit!

Posted on October 11 2022

When you come home after a day's work and just want to take a hot shower to wash away your exhaustion, a high-quality shower is particularly important at this time. And the shower is an important part of the bathroom decoration. Choosing the right shower can also improve the appearance of the entire bathroom and bring a better experience. So, how to choose a good shower, let's learn together!

YOROOW shower set

Details to pay attention to when buying a shower head:

1. There are two options for the shower head: a hand-held shower head and a top-spray shower head, which are mainly determined according to your own bathing habits. Relatively speaking, men are more inclined to the top basin, and it is more refreshing to take a bath with a large amount of water. Women prefer hand-held showers, the water is delicate, and the hair will not get wet during the bath. All in all, more and more families are choosing shower sets with overhead spray and hand-held. Although it will be more expensive, it can meet the requirements of the whole family for different bathing methods. Most of the showers are similar in shape, and the choice is mainly based on the spray effect. The high-quality shower head has a uniform spray of every small nozzle hole, and can achieve a smooth and dripping shower effect under different water pressures.

2. The material of the shower head, the price of the copper shower head is slightly higher, but it is also more durable. Stainless steel showers have relatively few shapes and styles, and are mostly used in high-end hotels. If you want to truly pursue high quality, you must choose copper + electroplating products. When choosing, you can look at the gloss and smoothness of the shower. A bright and smooth shower indicates that the coating is uniform, the quality is relatively good, and the service life will be longer. A good electroplating process can avoid water stains and residues, and it can still be as clean as new within a year and a half. The quality of shower coating not only affects the quality and service life, but also affects the usual cleaning and hygiene. The shower is generally chrome-plated on the surface. A good coating can be maintained at a high temperature of 150 ° C for 1 hour without foaming, wrinkling, or cracking. Peeling phenomenon, 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test does not corrode.

3. Shower valve core, the valve core is the heart of the shower head, the steering, pressure, flow, etc. of the shower head are basically controlled by the valve core, and it is also the key component for mixing cold water and hot water. It will directly affect the comfort of bathing and the length of use time. For example, the thermostatic shower relies on the valve core to control the temperature. The constant temperature shower can save you the time to adjust the water temperature, and it will not be hot and cold when taking a shower.

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