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Why is the washing machine faucet leaking

Posted on November 08 2022

Today's washing machines have fully automatic cleaning functions, from water collection, machine washing, rinsing to drying and dehydration, the automatic cleaning process will be completed by itself, just connect the washing machine water inlet faucet and dehydration drain pipe, you can let the washing machine clean by itself Clothes without human intervention. The faucet of the washing machine is generally above the washing machine. If the faucet leaks, it will inevitably leak to the washing machine, and there are many parts such as motors inside the washing machine, which is not good for the washing machine. So why is it leaking?

Why is the washing machine leaking?

  1. The problem of the water stop of the faucet. This is a common problem, we need to prepare a wrench to remove the faucet, find the location of the set screw, and install a new water stop.
  2. The shaft washer in the faucet is worn, if the shaft washer of the faucet is worn, then we need to loosen the gland with pliers to remove the washer and replace it with a new one.
  3. The triangular washer in the gland is worn and the screw needs to be loosened to remove the gland and triangular washer.
  4. The cap nut is loose, causing water leakage at the pipe joint. You can retighten the nut or replace with a new U-shaped washer.

The washing machine faucet is not turned off, where is the water going?

When the washing machine is not working, the water inlet pipe valve is closed, and even if the faucet is not turned off, the water in the tap water pipe will not flow out. The water inlet of the fully automatic washing machine is automatically controlled by the solenoid valve. At this time, although the water supply faucet of the washing machine has been opened, because it is not the terminal control valve controlled by the washing machine program, only when the solenoid valve is opened, water can enter the washing machine tub. When the solenoid valve is closed, the washing machine tub does not enter water. However, when the solenoid valve is closed, the water supply pipe connecting the faucet and the washing machine is always under negative pressure. Therefore, to avoid a burst water supply pipe, it is recommended to turn off the faucet when the washing machine is not in use.

How to install the washing machine faucet without leakage

  1. Take out the water inlet pipe fitting of the automatic washing machine, find the end of the water inlet pipe joint, and then press the slider down to separate the water inlet pipe joint from the water inlet pipe. Loosen the four screws on the inlet fitting until the faucet can be inserted. If the faucet is too large, the bushing can be removed. Then loosen the plastic interface nut until about 3-4 threads are exposed.
  2. Put the water inlet pipe joint on the faucet, and close the black washer in the faucet joint, then use a screwdriver to tighten the screw, tighten the plastic interface nut, tighten until there is no leakage, and then connect the water inlet pipe and the water inlet pipe joint. Connect the other end of the water inlet pipe to the water inlet of the automatic washing machine, tighten the plastic nut, and the installation is complete.
  3. The difference between the washing machine faucet and the general faucet is that the outlet of the special faucet can be directly covered with the washing machine water inlet pipe. You can also use the washing machine faucet as a regular faucet, but this will not connect the washing machine's water inlet.

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