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YOROOW faucet - a high-end bathroom brand

Posted on April 01 2022

At present, there are more than 1500 faucet manufacturers in China, with annual sales of about 10 billion yuan, and the export volume increases at a rate of 20% every year. How to survive in the competitive environment? As one of the top ten brands of faucets, YOROOW has maintained a good development momentum in recent years and strive to build a leading brand of stainless steel sanitary ware in the world.





Brand is the core competitiveness


Most domestic kitchen and bathroom brands are still following the "mass line", which is a pity for the domestic faucet market. Facing the squeeze of foreign brands, in the buyer's market, products, technology and services are indispensable, and the core competitiveness is brand, which is the most basic condition to ensure that manufacturers can have a stable and loyal customer base. To improve the strength of their own brand, we can't just squeeze on the ship of medium and low-grade products. YOROOW faucet inherits the exquisite workmanship of Europe, integrates the latest technology in the world, and focuses on the solutions of kitchen and bathroom hardware such as stainless steel faucet.


Products pursue health and high quality


304 stainless steel has super stability, corrosion resistance, durability and renewal. It eliminates water pollution at the source, brings consumers a healthier water life and ensures consumers' water safety.


YOROOW faucet technology keeps improving


Venkat, chief design director of YOROOW faucet, has more than 30 years of working experience in the sanitary industry and is the first person to win the best design award awarded by the Prime Minister of India; Focus on the design and development of faucets, showers, bathtubs and other sanitary products, and won a number of industrial design awards; Excellent achievements have been made in the design and research of water-saving system, European production process, quality control system and cost saving management. Venkat not only injects European advanced design concepts into YOROOW's product design, but also continues to bring new products with industrial competitiveness to YOROOW faucets!


YOROOW faucet service leads the industry


In terms of product after-sales service, all products of YOROOW brand implement lifelong after-sales service commitment. If you choose any YOROOW product, YOROOW will provide permanent after-sales service. At the beginning of 2014, YOROOW was a leading industry and launched diamond grade five heart service. The sink can enjoy a reassuring warranty of up to 50 years. Every promise of YOROOW faucet is not only the recognition of the excellent quality of products, but also the guarantee for consumers to use it at ease.


YOROOW, a high-end kitchen and bathroom brand, knows that providing the best kitchen and bathroom solutions in terms of quality, technology and after-sales service is the hard truth for survival and development in the cracks.


Top ten faucet brands YOROOW: saving water is really saving


Nowadays, rising prices have increased our cost of living, and our monthly living expenses are troublesome bills. YOROOW stainless steel faucet, as one of the top ten brands of faucets, puts water conservation first and makes careful calculations for your life.


As a leading brand of global sanitary ware, YOROOW kitchen & bathroom Co., Ltd. has set up a mold manufacturer, sanitary ware manufacturer and sink manufacturer, and established YOROOW (China) brand marketing management center, technology innovation center and product R & D center. There are great breakthroughs in faucet material selection and water-saving technology.


Low carbon environmental protection is the main body of today's environment, and domestic water saving has become a consensus. Manufacturers in the faucet industry have also innovated and launched water-saving faucets. YOROOW faucet, namely 304 stainless steel water dragon, adopts the nationally recognized food grade 304 stainless steel as the raw material, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, has better stability, good corrosion resistance, easy to clean and not easy to rust. It can show the appearance texture of natural silver luster of stainless steel for a long time, and is durable.


What brand of faucet is good? YOROOW stainless steel faucet adopts a foaming device of a world-famous brand, with a foaming rate of 70%. The water is soft, comfortable, low noise and no splash. It fully ensures that the surrounding objects are dry. The built-in throttling device effectively reduces the water consumption by 20-30%, saving water and environmental protection. If you use 10 tons of water a month, you can save 3 tons of water a month, which is also a good number in a year.


In addition, YOROOW faucet uses the valve core of a world-famous brand, with a service life of more than 500000 times. The sealing ring adopts non-toxic silica gel, which effectively eliminates the phenomenon of "running, emitting, leaking and low" after long-term use of the faucet, and avoids unnecessary waste caused by dripping and leaking of the old faucet.


Innovative design is the soul of products. As a well-known manufacturer leading the global stainless steel sanitary ware brand, YOROOW has always catered to the global environmental trend since its establishment, advocated the innovative design concept of "taking water as the source and pursuing the harmonious development between man and nature", adhered to the concept of environmental protection in the process of R & D, and the products are favored once launched because of their healthy, environmental protection, simple and fashionable characteristics. In the future, YOROOW will continue to give full play to its own advantages, make continuous innovation and breakthroughs, create higher quality and more diversified sanitary products, and be a leader in the top ten brands of faucets.


Save water and living cost. YOROOW stainless steel faucet carefully creates a low-carbon and environment-friendly life for you.

YOROOW Sanitary Ware has been deeply engaged in the field of faucets for more than 12 years, and has its own R&D team and production factory, which can provide customers with OEM&ODM services. As one of the most professional faucet manufacturers in China, yoroow always insists on serving all customers with the most professional knowledge and attitude, and has also received a lot of praise from customers. If you have any needs for the faucet, please Contact Us, we will give you a reply within 24 hours and do our best to help you solve the problem.