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YOROOW Sanitary Ware | Learn to Choose A Good Faucet and Meet A Better Life

Posted on September 28 2022

Is your faucet always splashing? There is only one direction of the faucet, too single? The height of the faucet cannot be adjusted, and the distance is not enough? The raw materials of the faucet are poor and easy to rust? The lead content of faucet raw materials exceeds the standard, which is increasingly harmful to health? Learn the following tricks to get rid of these troubles.

There are "four things to look at" when choosing a faucet

  1. When choosing a faucet, first look at the valve core. The valve core is like a human heart for a faucet, and the quality of the valve core directly determines the life of the faucet. The valve core is connected to the handle of the faucet, which is the part that determines the switch of the faucet, the size of the water flow, and the alternation of hot and cold water.The valve core determines the basic life of a faucet. The so-called basic life is temporarily defined as the time from the first use to the first maintenance. And because most users do not know how to replace the valve core, the initial maintenance of the faucet often means scrapping.
  1. Next, look at the coating process. When choosing faucets, you will find that although the materials are different, they all look silver blingbling. Why?It is because the surface is treated with a process to enhance corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to accumulate scale. Whether it will rust or not depends on the surface treatment process.
  1. Look at the material again. Some people are willing to spend dozens of dollars a day for drinking tea and Starbucks, and spending two or three hundred to eat a good meal every weekend, but they risk heavy metal poisoning to buy cheap faucets.The water we drink, cook, and wash fruit all flows through the tap every day.Inferior faucets are mostly made of materials with excessive heavy metals. The water flowing out of such faucets is equivalent to feeding poison to yourself every day! Therefore, when picking a faucet, don’t be greedy for cheap, and you must choose safe materials.The mainstream faucet materials on the market are mainly 304 stainless steel and copper. The copper ions in brass have a bactericidal effect, and some experts say that copper is one of the most suitable materials for contacting water sources.
  1. Finally, look at the accessories. Prefilter. It can filter out sediment, particles, algae, etc. in tap water. It is generally installed behind the water meter of the main water inlet pipe.Bubbler. The bubbler also has a filter to filter sediment and impurities, but its most important function is to fully mix the water and air flowing through it, so that the water flow has the effect of foaming, and the scouring force of the water can be improved, which can save 50%. water consumption.

Yoroow Sanitary Ware provides you with high-quality faucets

  1. Check the faucet and stay away from lead poison

0 lead faucet, all-round care for health, made of lead-free copper, only choose the best for you, selected high-quality ceramic valve core, gravity die-casting integrated molding, strong tightness, lead-free copper manufacturing, easy to enjoy healthy water.

  1. Responsible for appearance

Combining classic feelings with modern, unrestrained and cheerful, the simple appearance design is suitable for a variety of decoration styles.

  1. The details are never ambiguous

It is very heartwarming every time, concentrated without leakage, the water is neat and neat, and the elegant arc design is thrown to expand the space utilization rate, facilitate the cleaning of various large and small items in the kitchen, and add color to life.
Encounter a good faucet and meet a good life. As one of the China Faucet Manufacturers who have been focusing on the faucet field for more than 10 years, Yoroow always insists on providing customers with high-quality faucets and the most professional services. If you have any needs, you can Contact Us and we will reply you within 24 hours .