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YOROOW Sanitary Ware-What Is The Reason for The Leaking Faucet

Posted on October 08 2022

In daily life, faucet leakage is a relatively common problem. Many times users encounter this situation and directly replace the faucet. In fact, there are many reasons for the leakage of the faucet, and it is not necessary to replace it immediately. To solve this problem, you must first identify the cause of the leaking faucet, prescribe the right medicine, and understand the maintenance skills.

There are several reasons for a leaking faucet:

  1. The gasket is damaged

Turn the shaft by operating the handle. When the faucet is opened, the gasket will be pulled up from the valve seat. Under the action of pressure, the water will flow out. When the faucet is tightened, the rotating shaft will push the gasket back to the valve seat, and the water will not pass through.
If water leakage occurs, a common reason is that the gasket is worn or aged during long-term use and cannot form a good closed state with the valve seat. Even if the faucet is closed, the water will slowly come out and water leakage will occur.

  1. The nut is loose

There is a nut on the valve core. If it is loose, it will cause the valve core to become loose and not seal the water, resulting in water leakage. Moreover, when the faucet is turned on, the water often overflows from the handle, which is uncomfortable to use. , and may reduce the service life of the faucet.

  1. The sealing ring is damaged

Wrapped around the valve core under the packing nut, there is also a tight sealing ring consisting of one or more O-ring rubber rings (it can also be something like a string or metal wire), which is excellent for ensuring the faucet. The sealing effect has played a great role.

If it is aged and damaged, it will also cause water leakage. When there is water flowing through the faucet, you will often see water gushing out from the bottom.
      4. The valve seat is damaged

If it is determined that there are no problems with the above parts, then there may be a problem with the valve seat of the faucet. A damaged gasket not only cannot form a good sealing state, but also may cause the valve seat of the faucet to be blocked by the metal valve core. wear and become uneven.

Or the water quality flowing through the faucet is not high, and some particulate matter such as sediment is deposited in the process of increasing use, so that the gasket cannot be fully compressed with the valve seat, then water leakage will occur.

In addition, be careful not to forcefully open or close the valve core of the faucet, otherwise it may damage the valve core, affect its sealing effect, and cause water leakage. Switch the faucet gently.

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