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2021 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, blowing the ultimate Nordic style

Posted on April 02 2022

The four-day 25th Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition gathered many domestic and foreign brands and staged a rich and colorful kitchen and bathroom feast. The designer sanitary ware brand AELEIN, which originated in Northern Europe, has both beauty and connotation, has set off a warm Nordic trend at the exhibition with its original and ultimate aesthetic products, and has won many domestic markets with its pure and natural Nordic humanistic lifestyle. Favored by foreign designers and top customers. ,,,,,,

Art deco style is also called decorative art, which gives sanitary ware a strong artistic temperament. The integration of Nordic style into the brand also represents sanitary ware's sublimation understanding of life and artistic aesthetics.

In Nordic culture, people cherish life and home, and the concepts of simplicity, practicality and environmental protection permeate all aspects of Nordic life. The wood furniture-based design itself advocates the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, allowing people to be happy and satisfied in nature.


The color and texture of the material itself is a kind of decoration, and the elegant design is not restricted by any era and trend. Whether it is from the simple organic lines or warm natural materials, or the extremely simple design, the perfect color mix and match, the sanitary wares are all permeated with the elegant and elegant style of Northern Europe, giving people a sense of home.

It is derived from nature and placed in the minimalist aesthetics of life, abandoning tedious decoration, simple but not simple, not only storage, but not pureness, using natural Nordic concepts to interpret the pure spirituality of the space.


At this exhibition, sanitary ware brought 14 new products, each of which is too large in size. Some bathroom cabinets and wardrobes are four meters in size. The large size brings out the design of the product in a stronger visual way. At the same time, full customization has also been achieved. The user chooses the space according to the scene, and stays as he pleases, highlighting the unique exquisiteness and quality of elegant life.


The faucet shape of the bathroom cabinet is unique, and it is perfectly matched with the bathroom cabinet. It interprets the minimalist aesthetics to the fullest, and brings a purer and simpler aesthetics of bathroom life to the majority of consumers.


Integrating aesthetics, practicality, and individuality, sanitary ware has undoubtedly become the most cutting-edge and most beautiful scenery leading the Nordic style at this Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition.