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2021 Smart Bathroom Technology Exchange Conference: Build an industrial exchange platform to promote the development of the industry

Posted on April 02 2022

On September 24, the Intelligent Sanitary Appliances Professional Committee of China Household Electrical Appliances Association organized the 2021 Smart Sanitary Appliance Industry Technology Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as the "Sanitary Ware Technology Exchange Conference") in Guangzhou. Mr. Zhu, vice chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, industry experts, and more than 100 representatives from nearly 70 companies attended the meeting. , The

Experts from multiple fields gather,

Guiding the development of the sanitary ware industry from ergonomics, acoustics, cost control, etc.

Mr. Zhu first introduced the current development of the industry. He mentioned that this is the first time that the industry has held a technical exchange meeting after 5 years. In the past five years, the smart bathroom appliances, especially the smart toilet industry, has developed vigorously. It has expanded from about 2 million units in 2015 to about 5 million units in 2020. Domestic brands have shifted from pre-market prices to product quality and functional innovation, constantly catching up with leading foreign brands and narrowing the gap. At present, domestic smart bathroom appliances, especially in the field of smart toilets, are showing a good momentum of catching up with domestic and foreign brands and advancing hand in hand.

But at the same time, the smart bathroom industry is also facing considerable pressure and challenges. Affected by the downward pressure on the real estate market in recent years and the impact of the global new crown epidemic in 2020, how to improve product innovation and user satisfaction, rekindle the enthusiasm of public consumption, and build an industrial chain exchange and interactive platform to boost industry exchanges and Cross-industry cooperation, promoting product upgrades and technological innovation, and promoting industry development are the original intentions of this sanitary ware technology exchange meeting.

As a category of household appliances that are inseparable from people's lives, the bathroom is an eternal research topic in the industry. In this regard, Dr. Hu Huimin from the China National Institute of Standardization analyzed how to better improve product comfort and user experience from the perspective of ergonomics. "Human-centered, considering the adaptability of man-machine-loop." It is the core idea of ​​the ergonomics index system. It is implemented in the sanitary field and analyzed from the touch points of human-computer interaction. Perception characteristics match and so on, and these determine how a product should be upgraded in terms of structure, size, body pressure distribution, button location, etc., to better adapt to the needs of the human body. ,

Mr. Shen, a doctoral lecturer in the School of Metrology and Testing Engineering, China Jiliang University, gave an introduction on noise measurement, noise source, noise identification and noise reduction technology, and helped sanitary companies that have been weak in noise research and application to introduce noise concepts and how to build noise experiments The noise reduction direction of the room and bathroom products and how to reduce the noise. In addition, he also inspired new ideas for cleaning sanitary products from an acoustic perspective. For example, applying ultrasonic cleaning to sanitary products can achieve good results and at the same time it is a non-contact cleaning method that can free up manpower.


Mr. Zhu, general manager of the Innovation Division of Quali Consulting (Shenzhen) Company, brought the DMFA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) method closely related to the production process of the company to help companies simplify design and achieve high-quality, low-cost design methods , Reduce the cost pressure caused by the fierce competition, increase the need for automated production and assembly, etc., while improving production efficiency and product quality. For example, the structural design of toilet lids with more parts can be optimized to reduce The cost pressure of enterprises.


These experts in different fields have brought more dimensional interpretations and reflections from their respective professional perspectives on how sanitary products can develop more benign, providing a more comprehensive inspiration for the company's next step in product planning and functional innovation.

Full-category development and full-scene exploration, bringing the advancement and upgrade of sanitary products

In view of the current industry situation and future development, companies will conduct all-round and multi-dimensional exchanges and discussions on product technology, anti-bacterial and anti-virus, innovative accessories, service technology, etc., to seek the healthy development of the industry.

On the technical level of the whole machine, Mr. Xie, Director of Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., brought a discussion on the expansion of smart bathroom products. The user experience of "people-oriented innovation" is an eternal research topic in the industry. In this direction, the bathroom starts from the comfort level, and has conducted research on ergonomics in conjunction with Tsinghua University. Mr. Xie said, “For example, many consumers now use their mobile phones to go to the bathroom, so it is bound to be improved in sitting. The comfort of the cover.” In this regard, they adopted the concept of returning to nature from the front high and the low back, bringing consumers a more comfortable product experience. At the same time, Wrigley is also conducting research in the direction of safety protection, such as constant temperature electric water outlet, sensor night light, etc., to ensure the safety of users.


The faucet enhances the brand's influence by creating a full-scene bathroom space. Mr. Bi, Senior Vice President of R&D of Faucet Sanitary Ware Group Co., Ltd., explained Hengjie's new water purification technology-ceramics, faucet bathroom new water purification technology-hardware, Hengjie Advanced technologies related to sanitary ware, such as clean waterproof and moisture-proof wood alloy technology, bring users a more comfortable product experience.


Mr. Wang, product director of the investment company (China), shared the discussion about the intelligent space scene. He believes that it is necessary to develop from the perspective of integration. "We found that there are too many systems for the entire smart bathroom and smart home. , So how can we better integrate the entire product into different platforms like this is the most important node."


Health demand has become a consumer trend, and antibacterial and antivirus functions are indispensable

In the post-epidemic era, health needs have become one of the factors when people buy products. Based on this, Zhang Yingzeng, secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Huizhi Antibacterial New Material Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, explained and interpreted how to antibacterial in the sanitary ware industry from a microbiological point of view, and from the perspective of function planning, technical route selection, material and supplier selection, production process and quality Control, performance evaluation and other aspects provide guiding suggestions for the development of antibacterial products.


The product manager of the R&D center of Suzhou Electric Manufacturing Company shared their innovation and application in UVC sterilization technology solutions. Its "UVA photocatalyst purification module" smart bathroom nozzle sterilization module, static water sterilization module, flow sterilization module, and air purification product sterilization module have been widely used in smart toilets, water purifiers, smart sanitary ware and other products. Escorting the cleanliness of life.


Mr. Zhang, general manager of the electrical business department of Guangzhou New Energy Technology Company, brought their research and application in electrolyzed water sterilization module technology. At present, flushing toilets and urinals have begun to use electrolyzed water sterilization technology, which is very effective for sterilization, deodorization, and decontamination. After each use of the toilet, the electrolytic bacteria water will clean and sterilize the inside of the nozzle. Even if it is not in use, it will be automatically cleaned regularly to always maintain a good clean state.

Mr. Tang, the general manager of the home appliance industry technology of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., shared the solutions of innovative sanitary materials from the aspects of antibacterial, anti-mildew, scratch resistance, precipitation resistance, and high weather resistance, using innovative ceramic flame-retardant materials and insect repellent materials. And so on to fundamentally upgrade and develop sanitary products.

Use innovative materials to enhance product service capabilities and promote product upgrading and development

In addition to the above directions, the innovation of product materials and the technology of product services also play a vital role in promoting product upgrades and enhancing user experience.

In this regard, Mr. Hu, the president/doctor of Wuhu Technology Co., Ltd., brought nano-film surface-shaped ultra-fast electric heating technology. Compared with traditional electric heating technology, quartz tube nano-film has the advantages of small size, fast heating, high electric heating efficiency, energy saving, safety, and hygiene. Health and other advantages, for example, the application of this technology to the smart toilet can achieve precise temperature control and avoid the potential risk of human body being burned by low temperature; Mr. Peng, the chief engineer of Zhejiang Sanitary Ware Company, also explained their control and heating system in the smart toilet Technology, from the safety design points of the hardware and software of the water heating system, and shared them.


Mr. Wang, the national distribution manager of Plumbing Fittings (Jiangmen) Company, and Mr. Shao, the technical director of Ningbo Electromechanical Technology Co., For their research and sharing. Committed to creating a comfortable and safe bathroom life for consumers.

After the experts and companies have finished sharing, Gao Dianmei, the coordinator of this meeting, expressed gratitude to the companies who came to the scene, and looks forward to showing more and better innovations to companies at the next sanitary technology exchange meeting. For technology and cross-industry exchanges, various companies also expressed their desire to develop with all their strength to promote the progress of the industry. As Zhu Jun said in his speech, "At this time, our entire industry must have the same goals, concentrate on improving industrial innovation capabilities, expand potential markets, and let external scrolls replace internal scrolls, so as to achieve comprehensive development of the industry as soon as possible.