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After reading this article, don't you still know how to buy a faucet?

Posted on February 23 2023

The replacement speed of the faucet is very fast, from the old-fashioned cast iron process to the stainless steel single-temperature single-control faucet. Now, more and more consumers are choosing faucets, and they will comprehensively consider materials, functions, shapes and other aspects. Let's take a look at the faucet purchase skills together!

How to choose a faucet

  1. Looking at the appearance, the high-quality faucet is finely processed and has a good surface finish, which can approach the mirror effect without distortion.
  2. When turning the handle of the faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and the opening and closing are easy and unobstructed without slipping. Inferior faucets have a large gap and a large sense of obstruction.
  3. Check all parts, especially the main parts, whether they are tightly assembled. The valve body and handle of a good faucet are all made of brass, which is heavy in weight and dignified.
  4. Identification marks. Generally, regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some low-quality products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks. Be careful when purchasing.

Purchasing principles for kitchen faucets

  1. Use it smoothly

Washing vegetables, steaming rice, making soup, washing dishes... There are too many annoying things in the kitchen, don't let the faucet add to the chaos! With a smooth faucet, people often don't feel its existence, and this is mainly related to its valve core, handle position, and switch method. A good faucet spool can be opened and closed freely, and it won't feel too loose or too tight when used. The position and shape of the handle should be convenient to open and close, even with the back of the hand; traditional screw-type and wrench-type switches are no longer used in the kitchen, and replaced by lift-type switches that close quickly.

  1. Easy to clean

When working in the kitchen, you will use oily and dirty hands to turn on the faucet, which will make the faucet dirty. Therefore, it is better to choose products that are not stained with oil and easy to scrub. This has a lot to do with the shape and coating of the faucet. Generally, faucets with complex shapes and changeable lines tend to leave dead spots for cleaning, while faucets with thin coatings and low hardness are prone to blacken on the surface and cannot be cleaned cleanly. Fence recommends that you use more products with simple shapes and hard coatings, which can save a lot of trouble.

  1. Appropriate size

In some families, the water from the kitchen faucet is easy to splash, and the falling water cannot reach the center of the sink... This is caused by ignoring the combination of the sink and the kitchen faucet. When choosing a kitchen faucet, you must know the size of the sink, and choose the appropriate faucet according to this size. Make sure that the angle of the water outlet is right in the center of the sink, it can be rotated 180° or 360°, and the distance from the bottom of the sink is just enough to avoid splashing water.

  1. Water saving and environmental protection

The water consumption in the kitchen is very large, and "energy saving and environmental protection" is the mainstream of modern decoration, so this should also be paid attention to when choosing a faucet. Water-saving faucets will save 30-40% of water than ordinary faucets, which can save a lot of water expenses for the family when they are old. Now there are two main types of water-saving faucets: one is to use a good bubbler to inject air into the water to prevent water splashing and maintain the flushing effect, while also slowing down the water flow speed and reducing the water flow to achieve water saving purposes. . The other is the "reminder" design of the handle. When the handle is raised to a certain height, there is an obvious sense of pause, reminding the user that the water consumption has increased.

  1. Unified style

The unity of the decoration style is also what everyone pays more attention to. In the kitchen, the sink can be matched with different materials and styles, while the faucet is mainly reflected in the line shape and surface coating.

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