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Angle valve material description

Posted on April 01 2022

The main body material of angle valve: Good quality brass

Angle valve spool: Good quality brass + Ceramic sheet

Angle valve trim cover material:304 stainless steel mirror

Angle valve description:

The main body of  angle valve used the hot extrusion process, the precision machinery manufacturing, rugged and durable.

The electroplate  of angle Valve:Angle valve with advanced electroplating process, after acid copper, nickel and chromium multiple coating, plating layer with good adhesion, fine texture, uniform color, excellent corrosion resistance, to ensure that the product surface bright, even after years of still looked like new.

1, Angle valve manufacture of fine, The main body of the angle valve is made of refined brass material and made by precision machining. Eliminating the traditional casting production may produce small holes cause leakage .

2, Angle valve water inlet thread by straight tooth technology, easy to Teflon tape winding, non-slip, completely close to the thread easy to install, high strength, high pressure, if damaged, not broken in the wall, can be easily replaced.

3, the surface of the angle valve by precision polished and nickel and chromium multi-layer thicker plating, with superior corrosion resistance, light does not fade, does not wear; products can pass 24 hours of neutral salt spray test.

4, the angle valve material in line with lead-free standards, it is harmless to human body, in line with the concept of environmental protection.

5, the use of ceramic spool can withstand ten thousand times open test, feel comfortable, not leaking. Quite a family of four after years of use, can still maintain the same feel.

6, angle valve  modeling  fashion, the appearance of simple and elegant, fashionable contour embodies understated elegance. Humanized design, full of imagination and creativity.

Five years of quality assurance, so that consumers can use the angle valve assured.