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Bathroom agent investment must rely on brand strength and innovation

Posted on April 01 2022

The single water vegetable basin faucet of Chinese faucet manufacturers is made of all copper, which can withstand 90 ° high temperature. The single water vegetable basin faucet does not leak and has strong antioxidant performance. Chinese faucet manufacturers adopt the latest automatic digital electroplating equipment and five-layer space electroplating process for surface beautification, which makes the appearance more bright, clean and gorgeous, and meets the industry standards in corrosion resistance, humidity resistance and scratch resistance.


The single vegetable basin faucet supplied by Chinese faucet manufacturers adopts ceramic valve core. The ceramic chip of the valve core is as hard as diamond and durable. The valve core can be used at 90 water temperature. The valve body can withstand 3.5Mpa ultra-high pressure, and the number of mechanical closures is more than 500000. The single vegetable basin faucet of Chinese faucet manufacturers can be used continuously for 5 to 10 years. The Chinese faucet manufacturer's single water vegetable basin faucet is subject to strict quality test before leaving the factory to ensure that every product in the hands of consumers has the same excellent quality.  


The faucet valve core and water outlet nozzle are equipped with filter screen device and starter for water softening and water impurity dirt, which can effectively save 25% water than ordinary faucets. At the same time, it can prevent sundries in the water from flowing into the shower. While being healthy and environmental friendly, it can reduce damage to internal parts of the shower and prolong the service life of the faucet of single water vegetable basin.

It is reported that Brazil has a so-called accelerated economic plan, part of which is to build houses for low - and middle-income people. There should be sanitary products and kitchen products in the house, which is an opportunity for Chinese faucet manufacturers. And in the world cup and the Olympic Games that have ended, Brazil's demand for sanitary products has been greatly improved. China's faucet manufacturers should continue to develop the Brazilian market by taking advantage of this upsurge.

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